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3 hr speed and precision shooting review

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Water Monkey, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey The man, the myth, the monkey Forum Moderator Supporter

    My private instructor lead a group of six shooters yesterday and all had a great time. All drills from 3 yards. (Drills may not be in exact order)

    We started with presentation drills to keep the sights aligned and incorporated dry fire practice. Worked on keeping that flinch response down especially on the second shot.

    We then moved on to some cadence shooting to bring up the tempo of our shots and decrease the split times. Also worked on a tighter grip that was shown to us.

    Next we worked on shooting 1" dots at 3 yards. Working on presentation and then finally shooting dots 3x. Ended with trying to put the bullet in your own bullet holes.

    We then upped the ante by doing partner drills with the dots trying to match the bullet holes of your partner as they shot.

    We ended the class by doing a draw from holster drill. Starts from 5 second draws and went down to 1.5 second draw and shoots. After we all individually went up and tried to see if we could make the 1 second draw time or less. The instructor demonstrated from concealment his draw time was .97 seconds.

    The drills prior and the draw drill really helped refine the movement. At home my dry fire draw was sitting around 1.3 - 1.5 seconds. After the entire class concluded I was able to make a 1.06 draw time with first shot. And did a draw and 2 shots in 1.22 seconds. Turns out my draw time was the fastest in the class minus the instructor. Very impressed with instruction and my improvement.

    Awesome time, great instruction, awesome group of people to shoot with. Everyone was an excellent shooter. I tried not to suck so bad.

    Water Monkey
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    Fastest shootin’ Monkey in the East...;)
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