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.44 mag carbines

Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by thorgodofthunder, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. thorgodofthunder

    thorgodofthunder .410

    I have decided that I need a .44 carbine for my next gun. I would like to use iron sights.

    The only options I've found (that can be bought new) are the Rossi M92 lever carbine with the 16" barrel, 8+1, which can easily be purchased under $500.

    Also, the Ruger 77/44 bolt action with 18.5" barrel, 4+1 but uses detachable rotary magazines. I saw it at a LGS for $649.

    Ruger used to make a .44 semiautomatic rifle based on the Mini-14. Marlin also made/makes .44 leverguns but they are unobtainium. I am torn.

    Are there any other options I am missing?
  2. honkey

    honkey .270 WIN

    Check out the pic I just uploaded in "Lever Guns". I got a Winchester 94AE in 44 magnum just the other day.

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