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Discussion in 'Mossberg 464 Lever Action' started by jedraf13, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. jedraf13

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    I just purchased a new 2008 464 30-30 (sold as used but had never been fired). Since then I've heard the early 464's had bad extractors, and of course now I have buyer's remorse. Should I change out the extractor? Or switch to a Marlin? Any advice, comments or past experience with the 464 extractor shared would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. MikeD

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    Personally I would not worry unless you find that you actually have a gun with that problem.

    I've heard lots of complaints about different models that I own but I've yet to experience them myself. Maybe I'm just lucky.

    I also know that more people post problems than accolades. So you will find more posts with people having issues than not when searching the web.

    At the end of the day you have to be happy with what you have invested your money into.

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Administrator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    I'll second that.

    Unless you end up having issues, I wouldn't worry about it. If an issue does present, give Mossberg a call and send it in for repair...
  4. jedraf13

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    Thank you both for your replies. I will not worry about it. thanks.
  5. CaddmannQ

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    Forgive me fellows, for exhuming this aged thread but, I broke the extractor on my beloved 464!

    Digging around on the internet I noticed a certain number of posts about this issue, but I am not surprised. I had spotted this as a flimsy piece from day one.

    It was said in some posts I read , that early 464s suffered frequent extractor breakage, but the extractor was subsequently improved. I did not see any verification of that however.

    I have to look at the serial number, because I have no idea exactly where mine fell in the production, so I could have an early extractor . . . Assuming that story is true at all.

    . :idk: .

    As to how I broke my extractor?

    I had some once-fired 30-30 brass from my buddies Winchester 94, and I reloaded some of it. I did not get the sizing correct, and when I tested the first round to see if it would chamber, It went in 95% of the way and stuck there. I didn't force it but this gun has a heavy bolt and the inertia was enough to jam the cartridge a little.

    When I pulled down on the lever it easily ripped the tip off the extractor.

    Sadly, the round wasn't very stuck. I rapped it lightly with a .22 caliber rod & it popped right out. I didn't even dent the nose of the bullet.

    So now I gotta call Mossberg on Monday and order some spare extractors.
  6. CaddmannQ

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    464 guts in a plastic bag...
    The broken extractor:
    There should be a little hook on there. You can see that it cracked through the Apex of a 180 degree bend.

    A 180 degree Bend is fine for a decorative hem or a stiffening edge in sheet metal. But a hem severely compromises the steel at the bend because it is forced to assume a ZER0 inside radius. This makes the metal stretch more than it can tolerate at the outside of the bend.

    Effectively the thickness of the part is reduced as well due to the way the metal stretches where has its been bent so tightly.

    Anyhow not a really great design, but a very inexpensive one for production, because the part snaps on with one click.
  7. CaddmannQ

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    Well I called Mossberg today and they were very nice. I ordered a couple more extractors and a spare firing pin and they are also sending me a new extractor under warranty.

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