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464 SPX tactical .22lr firing problems - lever action

Discussion in 'Mossberg 464 Lever Action' started by Bez, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Bez

    Bez Copper BB

    Ok so practically every shot is a failure to fire. And I just bought this gun about 1.5 months ago.

    Looking at the pin strike on the cartridges, it is very weak and not prominent. But I dont think its a firing pin issue or any spring issue. When closing the action the bolt is not tight. there is some play in the bolt.

    Let me give you an example... I shot 5 shots normally and every shot was a failure to fire. Then I decided to push on the back end of the bolt to try to keep in in place while shooting... shot 5 shots and not one failure to fire.... This problem is driving me nuts and any input would be appreciated but I have a feeling im going to have to send this lemon in for repairs. Let me know if you have any insight... I also made a video of the example I provided above, let me know if your interested in seeing it.

    Thanks in advanced Mossberg owners.
  2. fboyj

    fboyj Copper BB

    Time to call mossberg. You have a loose bolt and I would stop firing and let their customer service take care of it. Even if the rifle is used mossberg does not want a current production rifle out there that is unsafe to shoot

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  3. Bez

    Bez Copper BB

    Thanks for the response... The rifle is brand new. 1.5 months old.

    I had a feeling that i should bite the bullet and contact Mossberg... Hopefully this wont be a problem since I live in Canada... can't just mail guns over the border. I noticed on the website that there are 2 locations that I could send this rifle to here in Canada.
  4. nitesite

    nitesite Sheepdog Forum Moderator "Philanthropist"

    Wishing you success and good luck. Hope it comes back tip-top.

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