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590 Marinecote observations.

Discussion in 'Mossberg 590 Pump Action' started by Yarob, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. Yarob

    Yarob .22LR

    I recently bought two 590s (not A1s) at a really good price from Bud's. They were models built exclusively for a particular distributor (I think) and featured a Marinecote receiver and matte blued everything else. The two tone finish is attractive but makes little sense as it seems to me that the steel parts should be Marinecoted as opposed to the corrosion resistant aluminum receiver and that may be why they were so cheap. Anywho, what I've noticed is that these two Marinecoted models have SIGNIFICANTLY stiffer actions than ANY other Mossbergs I own. I suspect that may be from the slightly added dimension of the Marinecote. Have any of you other gents noticed this peculiarity in your Marinecoted 500s/590s? Knowing what I know now I don't think I'd ever buy another Marinecoted Mossberg shotgun. I've dry cycled these things hundreds of times with no noticeable loosening of the action.
  2. Centuriator

    Centuriator .270 WIN

    I think you diagnosed the situation. I do not care for the look of the "marine" coated models.
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  3. Nacho Man

    Nacho Man Copper BB

    Any kind of coating on the inside of a receiver or small parts can cause a tolerance issue. My advice, keep shooting it
  4. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    This is the problem I had with my marine coated .30-30.

    There was too much coating inside the action. A couple spots were very thick and I went after them with a brass wire brush and some oil.

    Anyhow after doing that and shooting a couple hundred rounds the action loosened up very nicely, but it was originally quite stiff.

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