590 not pumping after a shot.

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  1. Tugboater203

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    Hi guys,
    I'm having a recurring problem with my 590 mariner. After I take a shot it won't pump, even if I manually press the tab. It feels like something is physically blocking the pump and I'm not sure where to look. It doesn't do it if I dry pump it and it doesn't even seen to do it with unfired rounds. I'm using Winchester and Remington small game and target loads. Is anyone else having an issue with theirs? A search hasn't turned up much.
  2. John A.

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    The Winchester AA (otherwise known as the cheap walmart stuff) does tend to swell out in the hull and can be problematic when trying to extract sometimes. And why I'm not a fan of it.

    Remington small game and target however, have historically been a lot better for me and is usually the only brand that I buy. Especially the STS shells because they are smooth sided rather than grooved because I reload them and they are a nicer hull altogether.

    I wonder if either the cartridge stop or the interrupter isn't interfering with the bolt itself?

    Especially the interrupter.

    Have you field stripped it?

    Cleaned it lately?

    Perhaps got some debris in the receiver that may be wedged between the interrupter and the receiver?
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  3. Djcala

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    If it happens again try pushing foreend forward then pulling rearwards if that remedies. then your are applying rear pressure on foregrip while firing ive seen that on more than one occasion. Hope i explain that correctly someone else may explain better.
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  4. RichardL

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    Winchesters AA's cheap Walmart stuff? I sure wish they were in my Walmart! John, which Walmart are you shopping in?
  5. John A.

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    Pretty much the same hull with maybe the exception of the universal having a steel base while the other "may" be brass. But all else is pretty much the same between the two.

    Winchester still uses some of the crappiest hulls out there these days and the walls seem to be thin. It's more apparent if you try to reload one. They're not anything like the old Super X high brass hulls used to be.

    Oh, you may also be interested in reading this. The entire thread is pretty good, but pay extra attention to the 9th post by member Republican and also make note of the date it was posted ;) : http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=277175



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