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590A1 hammer spring

Discussion in 'Mossberg 590 Pump Action' started by ybrik, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. ybrik

    ybrik .410

    folks, happy new year!
    I'm having a bit of an issue here. I had detailed strip the trigger assembly for detailed cleaning.
    I'm just having a hard time putting back the hammer spring. I noticed for the A1, it has 2 springs. There's a 2nd small one meshed inside the other larger diameter spring.
    I just find it difficult to compress the spring with a big punch as it extends around 6~8mm at the rear even before compressing it.

    But on the 500 models in youtube I've seen, there's only 1 hammer spring and it doesn't stick out of the housing even before putting the spring pin in.

    Looking for your advices. TIA.
  2. ybrik

    ybrik .410

    So I finally had it assembled. Been while since I did detail strip of other firearms and this is my first one for a shotgun.
    Stupid me, as the hammer has a tendency to lock at the sear fully rearward without spring yet.
    So I installed the spring with the hammer forward, just the same as when I had punched out the hammer spring from the beginning. ☺

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