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590a1, Mossberg Customer Service Issues

Discussion in 'Mossberg 590 Pump Action' started by Blunderbuss623, Mar 14, 2021.

  1. Blunderbuss623

    Blunderbuss623 Copper BB

    So, got my 590a1 in January. First Mossberg I've owned. The barrel, bolt, and mag tube had a bunch of rust in it. After calling twice and having to email a bunch of pictures to one of the service guys, they finally emailed me a label and I sent it back. 5 weeks later I get the firearm and they did not address the mag tube. Still full of rust. I contacted Mossberg again and the answer was; I could send the gun back for another 6-8 weeks, send the mag tube in and wait for them to send me a new one, or fix it myself. They were rather rude when I mentioned any form of compensation for my time. I didn't feel it was too much to ask considering I've had the gun for two+ months and had nothing but trouble out of it. Haven't even fired it once. Not to mention the options they gave me required a fair deal of effort on my part.
    I'll fix the gun myself, not an overly difficult process but I didn't expect a name like Mossberg to have these problems. Anybody have similar issues in the past? Any advise moving forward with this issue? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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