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88 at the range.

Discussion in 'Maverick 88 Pump Action' started by silverback, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. silverback

    silverback .410

    I have had my 88 fir several years. Put a wood stock set and recently the mag pul set.

    Early on I broke it down and fluff and buff as many if the working metal parts as possible.

    It really helped to slick the action .
    Shooting a bunch and working action at home finally made it Sooooo nice.

    Loading still seemed like there was dirt in the mag tube or something. It just never smoothed out.

    Recently used mcarbo stainless mag tube follower and trigger spring kit.

    Wow!!!! Hard to belive something that simple could make such huge difference. Rounds load buttery smooth with no effort.

    Let a friend run my gun today and here was taken by surprise as his 500 couldn't compare.

    I recently purchased a kel tec ksg and was going to sell my 88 but now I have serious reservations.

    If I end up keeping it it will get drilled and tapped for the 590a1 iron sights.

    Have paitience with thess guns as they are a diamond in the rough.

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