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A-2 style front sight? Suggestions needed!

Discussion in 'Iron Sights' started by .00Q, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. .00Q

    .00Q Copper BB

    I recently attached an AR-style carry handle to the accessory rail on top of my receiver (500A Cruiser, 18.5" barrel). The carry handle has adjustable iron sights on it, but I'm wondering what front sight to get to replace the factory front bead?? My concern exists because I have an ATI Halo saddle on top of the receiver; the picatinny rail sits on top of the Halo saddle; the carry handle sits on top of the picatinny rail. The front sight will need to be tall enough to clear all that, and I don't know enough about front sights to determine the best course of action. Thanks in advance!!

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Welcome aboard.

    Wish I could help but I've been around shotguns and the AR platform most of my life and have never seen anyone accomplish what you're trying to do with the sights, or even attempt it to be honest...
  3. John A.

    John A. I'm "THAT" guy Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    Good concept I guess, but I don't know of any front sights that would work with that particular combination.

    The best course of action would be to remove the AR15 carryhandle from your shotgun unless you plan on fabricating a front sight from raw materials that would work specifically with that combination rear sight (parts).

    The saddle rail will allow you to use a red dot optic like the Bushnell TRS25 or something along those lines really comfortably.
  4. dieselmudder

    dieselmudder .30-06 Elite Member "Philanthropist"

    Like John said, nothing that I'm aware of to bring a shotgun sight up that high. Shotguns were designed to be sighted down the barrel. Just putting a reflex on my 500 required cheek riser for proper cheek weld. I've,since removed it and went back traditional. Your setup will really be stretching away from the stock to sight. Deviating from proper form tends to hurt accuracy.
  5. nitesite

    nitesite Sheepdog Moderator "Philanthropist"

    You will be better off with a more traditional approach.
  6. John A.

    John A. I'm "THAT" guy Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    I was thinking about this more last night, and I'm not even sure if they still make them, but there used to be an item called the War Hammer that attached to the receiver and had a full length rail almost to the end of an 18 inch barrel that may would allow you to use the AR15 carry handle and a front flip up sight from magpul or command arms or Midwest industries, etc. if you just have to have the AR15 look, though I don't know how well they work.

    Just a thought.
  7. ScottyB

    ScottyB .270 WIN

    I think you're going to run into the issue of the front sight getting bent and all goofed up considering its going to have to stick up off of the barrel about 1 1/2".

    My only idea is that you could use a barrel clamped rail (as I see you don't have a vented rib) like this one.


    And then attach a flip up front sight onto that. Found here.


    In the picture you posted I couldn't see if your barrel extended passed your magazine far enough to attach the clamp. If it doesn't you're SOL.

    It sounds like you want to have the availability of the carrying handle. If you're not too attached to it if suggest buying the set of flip sights. It won't look so goofy (in my opinion) and will save you weight and bulkiness.

    Good luck
  8. MikeD

    MikeD I'm Your Huckleberry Staff Member Global Moderator "Philanthropist"

    Would the SPX front sight work? It still might not be tall enough
  9. faststang90

    faststang90 .22LR

    Look up mka 1919 you maybe able to see if you could make it work

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  10. nitesite

    nitesite Sheepdog Moderator "Philanthropist"

    If your instinctive cheek-weld to shoulder stock with your modded riser height setup is less than perfect, I would give up on trying to match a front sight to your gun.

    Oh, wait. You are doing this on a Cruiser PGO shotgun????

    Never mind. He posted one single post on January 8th and has never posted since.

    Buh-Bye. See ya'

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