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A little bit upset, Multiple defects in MVP LC

Discussion in 'Mossberg MVP Bolt Action' started by Wingnutt, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. Wingnutt

    Wingnutt Copper BB

    Ordered a MVP LC and it finally came in 2 weeks ago.

    Right out of the box I noticed that the Barrel was not centered in the chassis, not even close, the action looked straight, but not the barrel. Crossed my fingers that this was just a cosmetic issue.

    Get scope mounted, go to bore sight... super low and to the right... huh odd. In order to bore sight it at 20 yards in the back yard i had to nearly max out the elevation adjustment all the way up and the windage most of the way to the left.

    Suspected mounting issue, took apart, tried again, same. tried a different scope and rings.. same.

    Off to the range, quite nervous now.

    After 2 hours, 120 rounds of different kinds of ammo and 2 different scopes. we could not even keep it on paper at 50 yards shooting off of sand bags.. Only 1 5 shot group where all rounds found paper, and the "group" was about 12".. at 50 yards..

    Another strange issue was that when cycling and testing the trigger, it was EXCELLENT. However, after firing a live round and then cycling the bolt.. about 30% of the time when pulling the trigger on the next shot there would be a click.. but nothing.. then you had to keep pulling on the trigger very hard, to the point that a few times I thought I left the safety on.. eventually after probably 20 pounds of force the gun would fire. Checked to make sure not a lube problem, its not.

    Shipped it back to mossberg, no idea when I will get it back, actually not sure I want it back, not the same gun anyway... hopefully they replace it.

    Anybody have an idea what the typical turn around is on something like this? They have had it since 10-2
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  2. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey The man, the myth, the monkey Moderator Supporter

    Wow sorry about your troubles! Not sure on the turnaround time. Mossberg's QC seems to be declining these days.
  3. carabina44

    carabina44 Copper BB

    Good luck. I have a mvp patrol in 7.62 sent it back to mossberg dew to accuracy issues got it back 3 months later with a new barrel same problems. Can't wait to get rid of it.

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  4. 11Dark11

    11Dark11 .410

    Posible same issues with may 223. Just took it apart to clean it. Found oil all over the wrong areas.

    E6EEE770-15CF-41E9-98A6-BF70AA2E5266.jpeg FF785393-F3FF-4B70-95FD-DCEFCB8572A3.jpeg Taulk about poor thinking.
  5. Djcala

    Djcala .30-06 Supporter

    No Bueno accuro
  6. 11Dark11

    11Dark11 .410

    That was the 1st time I ever took it apart.
  7. Daryll

    Daryll .270 WIN Supporter

    At least you guys can return a rifle to Mossberg.... its not so easy if you're outside the US....

    I bought a .308 MVP LC from my local RFD about 3 years ago and while its no match rifle, it was a fun way to turn ammo into empty brass.
    I used some GGG mil-surp ammo, then used the brass to handload and was sending 178gn A-Max downrange at a leasurely 2300fps... more artillery than rifle :)

    I then wanted to reach longer, so started loading 155gn bullets to about 2600fps, and then noticed a problem... The fired brass had a raised ring about half way up the case.

    I used a cheapo USB bore-scope to look into the chamber and I could see a ring half way down. I got my local RFD to look with his better bore-scope and he agreed.

    I contacted Mossbergs customer support and asked whether that ring should be there, and if so, what was the purpose.... they tried to say it was the case shoulder line, until I sent them photos of the chamber, and the cases.
    They then said I should ship it to their support center in TX... but I'm in the UK, so that wasn't possible. They then said I'd have to get my local gunsmith to sort it out, possibly by reaming the chamber...?!?!?
    Eventually I got the RFD who sold it to me to chase it through the UK Distributor, who went to the World-wide distributor, who went back to Mossberg.

    After looking ay my photos again, Mossberg then came back and said it was simply a tooling mark from the chamber cutter, apparently "Reamers can often leave internal marks during this process and these are not of any safety or performance concern".
    My RFD said it was "probably" safe to shoot, but I'd lost confidence in it....

    I made some enquiries about getting it rebarrelled, and eventually found a UK gunsmith who had rebarrelled MVPs, so took it down to him (7 1/2 hr round trip!!) and hes now put a 24'', 1:12 twist, match barrel on it for me, and I also asked him to section the chamber of the old barrel to see the mark clearly.

    Its more than a "tool mark"...
    Nevermind.. I've now got a match barrelled rifle and on the range today, (its first outing since the rebarrel), it was working well.

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  8. meanstreak

    meanstreak .30-06 Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Daryll, I'm glad you got it sorted out. I understand that things like that happen, but it sucks. With you being out of country makes it a real pain in the ass. I hope Mossberg offers you some compensation for your troubles.
  9. Bruce Bracken

    Bruce Bracken Copper BB

    I had the same issue with my mvp precision bolt.
    It eventually cracked at the bolt head.
    I emailed them, and have been waiting 3 days for a reply.
    At this point I am ready to replace the bolt entirely with a 3rd party bolt. My expense.
    Confidence in Mossberg is not high.
    I will never again grace them with my business.

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  10. 11Dark11

    11Dark11 .410

    I have not shot my mvp since. Still debating on just scraping it.
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  11. 11Dark11

    11Dark11 .410

    Selling it at the local shop.
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