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About To Purchase, But Which One's Do I Need?

Discussion in 'OR3GUN' started by WNCmotard, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. WNCmotard

    WNCmotard .270 WIN Supporter

    I've done a lot of reading on your site, and fairly sure I have it figured out, but just want to be sure before spending the money. On the MST and CSP, I shoot 2 and 3/4 shells most of the time, so would the competition version of those handle pretty much any 2 3/4 round without issue, including buckshot and slugs? Just wondering if I only need the multi use version for 3" heavy / mag loads, or is it necessary for any heavy load in any size shell period?

    So far my gun runs the 2 3/4 lower velocity (1050-1100fps) stuff fine even with the 18.5 barrel, but a little insurance never hurts, and it'll keep things cleaner which is always a good thing.

    Going to pick up a CFR also, and having trouble deciding on which one. Just not sure I want to tackle the work needed to really make use of the double / quad ready version. Is there any downside to ordering the double / quad ready version and only sanding the forearm down without milling the receiver? Or is it pointless and just order the field fit version?
  2. OR3GUN

    OR3GUN Sponsor Sponsor

    While we might be a bit late for your purchase, we'll answer the questions so others with the same have it for reference. We've also configured our notifications to email us when there is activity in our forum without having to be directly tagged to eliminate such delays going forward.

    As you have discovered from our website, the differences in the MST mostly concern usage of Magnum loads. Essentially, the Competition version has no real place in a 935, though it can handle a small diet of 3" shells, the buffering of the gas system (and preservation of your receiver) is best done with the Multi-Use version. In a 930, the Competition MST will handle any 2 & 3/4" shell you can throw at it, regardless of how the manufacturer labels it.

    As for loading ports, if you are trying to load quickly, the things that will prevent such with a 930 is getting your thumb stuck in front of the lifter or accidentally 'ghost loading' one onto the lifter because your thumb doesn't easily push the shell past the shell stop to lock it in because of the ridge on the receiver's loading port. The latter requires shooting the gun before you can load any more shells, even if you've only loaded one. We handle 'lifter thumb' by opening up the 'U' at the end of the lifter into a wide 'V' instead of adding material to the lifter. This allows us to still fix a double-feed if needed and subscribes to the theory of being able to get out of the trap rather than trying to keep from falling in it. For weak-hand loading, getting that receiver lip that shields the follower out of the way is the only port mod that is highly efficient. The crazier loading port jobs are necessitated by the recent trend toward twins and quad loading in order to create a 'chute' out of the loading port that all but guides the shells into the gun and your hand to the correct position as you pass the port with the next set of two shells.

    Taking advantage of the Quad Ready CFR doesn't require any modifications to the receiver, only your polymer forearm. This is designed to solve different problems than modifying the receiver's loading port does. When you have a fist full of shells, that forearm is in the way of feeding them into the gun without interference. The QR CFR and modified forearm creates a gentle ramp for your fist full of shells to glide over instead of trip into as you feed your loading port. The Field Fit CFR simply replaces the factory retainer with a more robust material and eliminates as much gap as can be done without modifying the forearm.

    Hope that helps!


  3. WNCmotard

    WNCmotard .270 WIN Supporter

    Good to know the comp version MST/CSP as well as my receiver are good to go for anything 2&3/4. I appreciate the answer and explanation, and I'm excited to try out my Or3gun parts when they arrive. Thanks!

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