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ADJUSTABLE POWER: Hunting Scope Options

Discussion in 'Adjustable/Fixed Power Scopes' started by LAZY EYED SNIPER, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Scoop

    Scoop .308

    cadd> I put it on a long .223 target rifle, but the reticle is actually calibrated for a 22-250. The reticle is very fine.


    Cadd, I haven't used a reticle of that shape. Could you take a pic of the instruction book that describes those lines? [I'm a mil dot man.]
  2. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    I have the S1 reticle.

    The holdovers are 100 yards based on a 22-250 and the windage is 5 miles per hour at the inside of the short line tree and 10 miles per hour at the outside end of the short lines.
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  3. Don Fischer

    Don Fischer .410

    I don't care for any of those reticule's. My favorite was the old Redfield 4 Plex which isn't around any more and next the duplex. Of course I do not shoot more than 300 yds at game animals and hardly ever that. My favorite's I have now are two old Denver Redfields I bought new back's in the 1970's. a 2 3/4x and a 1-4x. I do have a very old 3-9x Banner on my 25-06 and not the first problem with it, been on that rifle well over 25yrs. Have a couple new Nikons and a couple new Redfields. Not much bad to say about either. One of the Nikons had a BDC retucule and I don't like it even a bit but tried to get Nikon to put a duplex reticule in it and they won't do it. That was depressing. I do also have an old Weaver K4 and that is a nice scope but no on a rifle at this time. Something I like about the newer scope's over my old Redfields is the click adjustments for the cross wires. Old Redfields don't click, they work on pressure. And they might be finer to adjust but at the same time just a little goes a long way. The adjustment's on the 2 3/4x at 1" @100 from mark t mark. On the 1-4x they are 1/2" @ 100yds. But the ability of them to see through in low light is unbelievable!
  4. Don Fischer

    Don Fischer .410

    Forgot. I don't have any problem's with the new low cost scope's, but I don't ever buy the super inexpensive scope's any more. Had at one time a Tasco 3-9 that worked very well a lot of years and now serves time on a kids 22 RF. I don't have a problem with $150 scope's so long as they are something I've either experienced good with, my Redfield's, or a brand name I'm familiar with from past experience.

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