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Anybody using a Jetboil?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by m24shooter, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. m24shooter

    m24shooter .270 WIN

    I just got a new Jetboil Sol to replace my old Jetboil that I can't find.
    I've been using an alcohol burner for hiking and light camping.
    Is anybody using a Sol, or one of the others? Just looking for any ideas on cooking, recipes, etc. I've always used MREs and Mountain House stuff, but I'm looking at dehydrating some stuff and also doing some freezerbag cooking.
  2. kris7047th

    kris7047th .410

    Bought a Jetboil last winter and haven't used it hardly. Comes to a hard boil very quickly so you want to watch it when cooking not to burn the food.
  3. cms1528

    cms1528 .22LR

    I did alot of motorcycle camping before I had to give up that hobby. I used the Jetboil exclusively and wouldn't be caught without it on my trips. If you're looking for recipes ideas I googled Jetboil recipes and found hundreds of them. This thread is a bit old so I bet by now you have one that but if you have not give it a try. I use to boil and small pot of water and pour it into a neoprene bottle, seal it up and then place it in the foot of my sleeping bag for added warmth and it worked great. I also carried a few dried seasonings to spice up a meal, MRE's are okay but a little garlic or onion powder goes a long way my friend.

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    I'm looking into getting a JetBoil set-up for backpacking trips.

    Trying to decide between the Flash and the SOL, not much difference in size between the two (1L vs. 0.8L respectively). Anybody know how long the 100g fuel canisters last? Are they single use, or can you reseal the can for multiple short uses on a trip?
  5. Huntallyeardownhere

    Huntallyeardownhere .410

    Good systems, the fuel canister is screw on so can be removed which makes it compatible with chopper flight requirements. Remember that the SOL system is rated for boiling water only not as a cooking system, suspect it is an all or nothing style system maybe. If you are going to use them in the very cold then make sure you get the correct fuel mix, some do not evaporate at an adequate rate if very cold, had to have one cooker on top of another, both going, to get a meal cooked one trip, never again will I make that mistake. MRE style food is alright, up to a point but always remember that if the trip is over 3 or 4 + days take some real food to help keep your mental health in balance.
    Enjoy your new toy, seems to me like a good excuse to get away, have to get value for the money spent works for me anyway.

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Thanks for the info Sir.

    I'm leaning toward the Flash. It'd be nice to cook in it too if necessary, eliminating the need to carry additional gear. Looks like the specs list the burn time for the 100g fuel canisters at 42 minutes on a max flame. That's a lot longer than I thought...
  7. oli700

    oli700 12g Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Had a guy in camp when I was in Alaska last year that had a SOL, amazing how fast it boiled water and very compact....fuel can be bulky but depending how you use it they seemed to last him a while......

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Thanks oli.

    The more I think about it, I may just go with the more compact SOL. Cooking in the Flash would require more water for cleaning and that seems like a waste. Most of the foods I will take can be prepared in their own bag or container with just boiling water or would be cooked over an open fire...
  9. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey The man, the myth, the monkey Moderator Supporter

    Check out mrbabelfish5 on YouTube for some great dehydrated recipes!

    k I
  10. m24shooter

    m24shooter .270 WIN

    Will do. Thanks!

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Been looking into the SOL a bit more and it looks like the SOL-Ti (titanium) is the one rated for boiling water only. Titanium makes it lighter, but isn't made to withstand prolonged heat like the aluminum models. According to JetBoil their basic aluminum SOL models are made for cooking as well as boiling water.

    Had a chance to compare the SOL and FLASH side by side in person and despite the mere .2 liter difference in volume, there is a significant size difference between the two. Still leaning toward the SOL for the space savings. It's curious how the larger Flash is $20 cheaper than the SOL. I guess in the camping/backpacking world smaller is more desirable and they get to charge more...

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Realized I hadn't posted back here for a follow-up.

    It's been a while since I bought the Flash and it's been a great addition to my camp gear. Boils water so damn fast I can barely get the food packs open first. Gonna add it to my EDC bag and have Jetboil's new MiniMo on the way for my camping pack. Chose the RealTree camo...



    • Color: RealTree™ Camo
    • Item Weight: 14.6 oz (415 g)
    • Volume: 32 oz (1 Liter)
    • Boil Time: 2 minutes 15 sec. per 16 oz (1/2 Liter) (avg. over the life of Jetpower can)
    • Water Boiled: 12 Liters per 100g Jetpower can
    • Dimensions: 5” x 6” (127 mm x 152 mm)
    • *System weight excludes fuel stabilizer.
    • Stabilizer Weight: 0.9 oz (27 g)

    Upside is the same volume in a shorter, wider canister and more burner control for simmering or cooking vs. just boiling water. The MiniMo also has folding metal handles attached directly to the canister instead of the nylon strap on the Flash koozie. I'll post up with an update once it shows up...
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  13. TravisM.1

    TravisM.1 .270 WIN

    I've got an MSR pocket rocket. Uses the same small screw on cylinders. It folds up into a triangle probably 4" long and an inch and a half across the flats. If I take one of the cups out of my Stanley stainless cookset, the stove, a pack of matches, and a lighter nest inside the pot. It boils water "like now", so I've mainly used it for boiling water to rehydrate foods and make drinks. It has the ability to simmer, but my cookset pot is a taller, narrower type, so its hard to get a good stir down to the bottom with regular length spoons and such, so stickage is an issue with thicker stuff like soup.

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