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Anyone getting started reloading .380?

Discussion in 'Reloading Ammunition' started by John A., Nov 3, 2018.

  1. John A.

    John A. I'm "THAT" guy Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    Just curious if any of you are wanting to start getting into reloading for the .380 and needing some good brass?

    I have approximately 2 lbs of once fired brass that was recently shot at our range. My Uncle lets a few of the church members that are on the security team shoot up there occasionally and I'm fine with that as long as they aren't shooting rifles at my rimfire targets or anything. These were pickups after the last session. I'm guessing about 4 boxes or so. I didn't count them. Just sorted out all the 9mm that were all bagged up together with it.

    I would trade them for some 223 or 308 brass if you have any because I don't own a 380 and would rather see them being used and go to someone that could use them.

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