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Are Atrocities Part of War

Discussion in 'Law Enforcement And Military' started by Sn3aKyGuY, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Big_Al

    Big_Al .22LR

    This type of battlefield behavior has been going on probably as long as organized warfare. It spans centuries, civilizations and cultures.
    War is by nature inhumane. It affects all who participate, some more, some less.
    I saw things in Vietnam that I will never share with anybody. Those who were there understand, those who weren't never will.
    Big Al
    US Army 1967-1970
  2. Corelogik

    Corelogik .410

    "Atrocities" is a CIVILIAN non-combatant, REMF point of view. Kind of like the politicians and home bound liberals that try to separate the motivation from the motivated, the message from the messenger etc ,...

    Grow some balls, quit wringing your hands and deal with reality.

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