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ATR's and Cousins - Photos Fixed!

Discussion in 'Mossberg 100 ATR Bolt Action' started by Isaac1904, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Isaac1904

    Isaac1904 Copper BB

    Hello Everyone.

    Thought I might post a few photos of some ATR versions.

    The photo of the single ATR is one I acquired this past weekend. It is a used .30-06. The sales person said it had been a truck gun and was coated with rust. The gun shop did a very nice job of cleaning it up. I spent about two hours detailing it afterward. A bit of Kroil and OOOO synthetic wool removed the remaining rust without disturbing the finish. The bolt has black speckles but the MOSSBERG label is still present. The shop was asking $149. I was fortunate to get it for $148 out the door.

    The photo of the three includes the used ATR on top, a Maverick .308 in the middle and a Trophy Hunter in .308 at bottom. The final photo includes another ATR in .30-06 standing in front. That ATR was my first. It was a Christmas gift from the Mrs. in 2004. This year for Christmas she treated me to my first Patriot (not pictured). It is a .30-06. I've not had a chance yet to get that one out of the box.

    Thanks for looking.



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