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Best Round for ATR

Discussion in 'Mossberg 100 ATR Bolt Action' started by 22yrvet, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. 22yrvet

    22yrvet Copper BB

    Just bought a nice used ATR 100 chambered in 308 win. Just wondering what is the best round for this gun. I'm going to use it for deer hunting in Michigan.
  2. dieselmudder

    dieselmudder .30-06 Elite Member "Philanthropist"

    Get a couple different ones to try, find out what yours likes best. Federal 168 grain gold medal match seems to be one of the best shooters across the board. I wouldn't recommend it for deer hunting though, as it's not designed for hunting.

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  3. jacquesmtheron

    jacquesmtheron Copper BB

    Hi 22,
    I am in South Africa, and the Sako Superhammerhead 180gr worked very well the past season . The tight 1:10 barrel twist stabilize the heavy Bullet just fine. I got 1.2" 3 shot groupings at 109yards, with the factory hogue stock without any bedding jobs done. My rifle is currently being fitted with a Boyds stock and being pillar and glass bedded, and I am sure I will get sub MOA with these rounds.
    I successfully hunted 3 impala, 3 kudu, a gemsbuck, a waterbuck and a jackal this year with these rounds, and I would recommend it to any ATR 308 owner. The gemsbuck was shot at 300 yards.

    If you can get your hands on some, go and try them out on the range.

    Hope this helped a bit.

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