BOYDS 500/590 Walnut butt stock set, VGC

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    Fello Members,

    I am offering a Boyds American Plainsman, Walnut stock set, made Jan 2017. This is for a Mossberg 500/590 12GA. I would like to offer it to fello members first before having to deal with Flee bay. This is complete with forend, butt stock, Pachmeyr pad, and bolt. I don't know the LOP mounted, but the butt stock measures 11.75", w/pad 13" (measured following mount hole for bolt). Forend is for long action dual bar, I think this will work with short action if using the long nut but not confirmed.

    I was going to buy another pump action, but decided not to, want a semi. So I jumped the gun as they say. My loss your gain. This set is in mint condition, and could pass as new direct from Boyds and retails for $130 + shipping + waiting. I'm hoping to get at least the cost of the butt stock, $80 plus shipping. Any reasonable offers will be considered. I will ship USPS Priority, or UPS, your choice.

    I will try my best to check my inbox here. I accept Paypal also. Pictures are not the best, but if you are interested I could provide more as needed.


    20170816_142638.jpg 20170816_142656.jpg 20170816_142710.jpg 20170816_142733.jpg 20170816_142747.jpg 20170816_142827.jpg 20170816_142947.jpg
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