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CCW training requirements

Discussion in 'Tactical And Home Defense' started by aksavanaman, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. aksavanaman

    aksavanaman Work In Progress... Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Hey folks!

    I just went through my local CCW course for my AK License and was curious what some other states or specific classes have required of you.

    Looking at the state requirements for the AK License, the course I went through over the weekend seemed quite a bit more extensive. We spent an obligatory day in class talking about laws, watching a few videos. We also spent a few hours with laser training guns practicing draws and fundimentals. Yesterday was a full day at the range, and our qualifying course of fire was the ICE/DHS standard.

    I know CCW class is NOT a substitute for training (and I'm fortunate I get training through the Coast Guard) but I'm curious how this stacks up to other states. What were your requirements?
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  2. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey The man, the myth, the monkey Moderator Supporter

    NYS issues CCW licenses with county restrictions. It's the only way you're allowed to purchase or hold a handgun in the state of NY. Fingerprints, 4 individuals need to vouch for your moral character that you've known over a year, and 6 months to 1.5 year wait (depending on the county) to get the license, plus applicable fees. That's only to and from the range and obviously within my home. Business license can carry while on official duty and must show monetary concerns and deposits in excess of like $10k a week or so. Former/current officers and politicians can carry without jumping through hoops anywhere and "connected" people can get a full carry license. NY works under a provision of "necessity" to carry. You must show a need to carry full time and it breaks people into classes of citizens which is probably the most egregious defamation of the 14th amendment. It's been challenged and not heard in the Supreme Court of the United States.

    My VA non-resident conceal carry consisted of finger prints and support that I have had some training (which simply included providing proof of my hunting certification). 2 months later I was approved. Its' a shall issue state. I can carry anywhere in VA.

    My Utah Non-resident conceal consisted of a day long classroom instruction on laws and basic marksmanship discussion. It ended with the demonstration of safe gun handling skills and firing one round.

    To be noted... I frequently take firearm courses (I'm probably at 60+ hours of professional instruction) and compete informally at local matches and I'm at the range at the very minimum 2x a month working on skills and drills as well as home dry fire practice.
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  3. aksavanaman

    aksavanaman Work In Progress... Supporter "Philanthropist"

    247/250...not to shabby if I may say;) bonus points for the person that can find my one "thrown" shot...
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  4. Bobster

    Bobster .30-06 Supporter

    Florida isn't too bad. LINK I just received my renewal form last week. $45 (7 years), a passport-style photo and sign an affidavit of "training" is all they need to renew (in-state). I can make an appt. at a "service center" (closest is in Orlando) and have photo taken for free (and fingerprints if new app) or local tax collector and pay $12ish for photo. Training is hunting license or any kind of NRA cert (I have exp. pistol instructor cert.) OR a minimum 4hr class offered at most gun shows with no skills testing. The better classes incorporate gun-handling and range time and will take take all day.
  5. Bobster

    Bobster .30-06 Supporter

    I thought I would add that IF one wanted to be an "armed" teacher in FL, not only will you have to be a certified teacher with a teaching degree, the "possibility" will have to be approved by the county sheriff and not all are approving (we're OK here in Volusia). So if you are a cert. teacher and sheriff says it is OK you will also need a CWP, 132 hours of specialized training :eek:, a psych. eval., a drug test, a 12-hr "diversity training" program :rolleyes:, and at least yearly firearms re-training. I didn't happen to see what the rise in pay would be for teachers so qualified but I can tell you that here in Vol. Co., they don't make enough to begin with, having to put up with miscreant youth sent to the free county babysitter (ie: school) by miscreant parents... :mad:

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  6. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    What you go through in California depends on where you live.

    I am lucky enough to live in the county which has the highest rate of CCW in the entire state. 1 in 7 are registered in Fresno County.

    I'm not going to type this all out so this is the cut and paste information given out informally by our local concerned citizens for CCWs.

    This does not apply in other counties.

    If you have been wondering about applying for a concealed weapons permit, read this first. The issuing agency in Fresno County is the Sheriff's Department. Here are answers to general questions about permits.

    -According to a report by the Crime Prevention Research Center, California has 70,000 active permits as of January 1, 2015

    ( I know this has gone up a lot in the past 3 years.....Cadd.)

    -There are approximately 10,000 active CCW permits in Fresno County, which is number one in the state

    -About 80% are held by men and 20% by women

    -In the last three years, we have received an average of 100 new applications a month. However, since the shooting in San Bernardino, we have seen a huge increase in requests. Wait times for interviews were three weeks prior to the shooting, now the wait time is eight months.

    -Sheriff Mims is a strong supporter of 2nd amendment rights

    Reasons People Apply for a CCW

    - Basic personal protection

    -Business person who often has a lot of cash on them

    -You or a member of your family believes they are in immediate danger

    -If you are someone high profile and could be a target, such as a judge or lawyer

    -If you live in a remote area where it may take law enforcement a long time to respond to you


    First question to ask yourself is what Sheriff Mims tells everyone, "Am I willing to get sued?" Because inevitably, if you shoot someone, you can expect a lawsuit from that person's family.


    -Submit an application and you'll get be interviewed at the Sheriff's Office just to make sure everything lines up with you being who you say you are

    -If approved, you'll received a letter and tells you to pass a firearms safety course by an accredited instructor.

    -Then you'll wait about another 6 weeks to be seen for a second interview where you will get your Live Scan fingerprinting done.

    -Goes into the hands of the Sheriff's background check and the Department of Justice. That usually takes about 10 - 12 weeks to get issued your permit.

    -So it takes nearly a full year from the day you start the process to being allowed to carry a gun. (Prior to San Bernardino, the entire process took four to five months.)

    Why would you be denied a permit?

    -You've been convicted of a felony or certain types of misdemeanors

    -Those addicted to drugs

    -You've been diagnosed as mentally ill


    If approved for a permit, it's going to cost you $208

    -$115 for the Sheriff's Office background check

    -$76 for a state fee

    -$17 for FBI fingerprint fee

    -Sheriff's Office does NOT make a profit off this

    -Gun= As an example, we'll use $400

    -Firearm Safety Certificate= $25

    -Certification Class= $100

    -Box of ammunition= $20

    -Total with sales tax = Just under $800

    -Renewals are every two years. You'll pay a $77 fee for that and have to take another "shorter" certification course which is about $65

    60 certified instructors in the Fresno/Clovis area (some are current and former law enforcement officers who conduct the training)

    Find all that information by going to our website, FRESNOSHERIFF.ORG
  7. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey The man, the myth, the monkey Moderator Supporter

    Left wrist of the attacker just outside the line.
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  8. cmcdonald

    cmcdonald Forum Moderator Staff Member Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    I’m with Monkey...that’s the furthest one afield that I can see.
  9. aksavanaman

    aksavanaman Work In Progress... Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Nope, that ones on the line so it counted as a 5... Look... Lower;)
  10. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey The man, the myth, the monkey Moderator Supporter

    There's one above that line shot on the wrist just outside the line. Unless that's shading cause it looks like a hole on my iPhone 6s
  11. aksavanaman

    aksavanaman Work In Progress... Supporter "Philanthropist"

    No hole, but I see what you're talking about...
    Nope, my one off shot is right in the groin area.. tipped him you may say. The first six shots of the ICE course are from the hip... So it was a bit low, I just wanted to make sure the perp was in agony before putting him down for the count:D
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  12. carbinemike

    carbinemike Global Moderator Staff Member Global Moderator "Philanthropist"

    In Pennsylvania we have to go to the sheriff's office at the county courthouse and fill out an application that is similar to buying a gun. They run a background check and then you pay $20. You get a CCW with your picture and information. Most sheriff's in PA have duties with the court as their primary function. Mine took about 30 minutes because I went over Christmas break.
  13. cmcdonald

    cmcdonald Forum Moderator Staff Member Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Found it....that would be a painful “flyer” AK! However I will have to dispute the “tipped” part as it all depends on how you “carry” so to speak....lol!!!:giggle:
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  14. oli700

    oli700 12g Supporter "Philanthropist"

    4 hour class room no shooting
    Application , picture , prints , $60 then 45 bucks every 4 years

    Oregon license covers Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia.

    you can apply for the Arizona license at the same time ,that license adds Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana,Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin.
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  15. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey The man, the myth, the monkey Moderator Supporter

    Yea between my Utah, VA I'm licensed to carry in about 30 states.
  16. John A.

    John A. Unconstitutional laws are not laws. Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator

    KY = 6 hours of classroom instruction.
    Live fire segment. This consists of 21 rounds fired from 7 yards.
    Then you must clean your gun. If you have a semi auto, you must also field strip/clean it.
    $60 fee to state + sheriff fee
    about 2 months wait after you submit the completed course diploma thing

    ccw k245.jpg
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  17. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey The man, the myth, the monkey Moderator Supporter

    Lol this thread made me realize my ccw permits are set to expire in 6 months.
  18. carbinemike

    carbinemike Global Moderator Staff Member Global Moderator "Philanthropist"

    That's awesome that you can be covered in 31 enlightened states. You got me wondering and PA has 30 states where our CCW is valid. Of course none are neighboring states. I thought it was lower as a Philly democrat was the Attorney General and until she was forcibly removed from office she was tearing the agreements up.
  19. JRExplorer3

    JRExplorer3 .270 WIN


    Nevada Clark County

    Full List of CCW Requirements

    31 states have reciprocity

    1. You must be 21 years old (18 years old if active duty military or honorably discharged military).

    2. You must complete the 8 hour CCW class. The course must be completed physically in Nevada with a NV-licensed instructor. Out-of-state courses, NRA courses, military experience does not qualify. The course must be completed - no exceptions.

    3. You must target qualify:
    NV required. Revolver or semi auto. Any stance. Any grip. Some instructors will ask to do more.
    Permit allows carrying any handgun after issued.
    3 yards - 6 rounds must hit target
    5 yards - 12 rounds must hit target
    7 yards - 12 rounds must hit target

    4. You must not be a fugitive from justice.

    5. You must be mentally sound, sane, and competent.

    6. You must never have been admitted to a mental health facility/asylum.

    7. You must not be a habitual user of drugs or alcohol.

    8. No felony criminal conviction (regardless of crime or date of occurance). If you have a felony on your criminal record you can NOT obtain a CCW, nor can you own a handgun.

    9. No misdemeanor criminal conviction that involved the use of violence or threats thereof within 3 years prior to submitting your application.

    10. No criminal conviction for stalking.

    11. No criminal conviction for domestic violence.

    12. You may not be under restraining order.

    12. You may not have been dishonorably discharged from the US Armed Forces.

    13. You must be a US Citizen or Legal Resident Alien with a valid SS#.

    14. You must submit a completed application and all supporting documents.

    15. You must pay the appropriate fees. New Application -- $96.25/Renewal Application -- $61.25

    16. You must answer all questions on the application honestly.

    17. No D.U.I. (drunk driving) conviction in past 5 years in any state.

    My wife and I took the class at the same time. Now in the waiting phase. Will probably be another month at least before we receive our permits in the mail.
    Good for 5 years.
    Her qualifying target. Ruger SR9, 115 gr. Perfecta FMJ:



    My qualifying target. Diamondback FS9, 115 gr. Perfecta FMJ


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  20. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey The man, the myth, the monkey Moderator Supporter

    Man max 12 yards I'd eat out the X.

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