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Christmas Carols For the Covid Age.

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Related' started by CaddmannQ, Dec 27, 2021.

  1. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ .50 BMG

    These were from the Babylon Bee & it’s just too funny not to steal, but go watch the whole video on their site.

    All your favorite Covid Christmas carols in one place!

    Baby, there’s Covid Outside

    Silent Media

    Do You Fear What I Fear

    Have Yourself a Lonely Little Christmas

    Carol of the Bells Palsy

    Santa Claus is Staying at Home

    All I Want for Christmas is Ivermectin

    Jab To The World

    Fauci the Vaxman

    Ave Moderna

    Good king Brandon

    Variant Both Meek and Mild

    Mary Did You Know (about the vaccine mandate)
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  2. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ .50 BMG

    Fauci the Vaxman

    (Actually, this is somehow morphs to the tune of Rudolph the red nose reindeer.)

    Fauci the wealthy Vaxman,
    Was a smiling jolly elf
    Stuck in the butt one Christmas Day,
    With a needle on the shelf.

    Fauci the Vaxman
    is a legend so they say
    And he vaxed the town
    of New Rochelle
    By himself on Christmas Day.

    Then one lazy Christmas Eve
    Santa came to say
    Vaxman with your needles bright
    Won’t you Jab my elves tonight?

    Then all the elves got quiet
    Overcome by DC charms
    Fauci the high-paid Vaxman
    Jabbed them in their elvish arms!

    Now the high-paid Vaxman
    Sped into the frozen night
    20,000 elves were vaxxed that time,
    If Fauci had it right.

    Then all the elves were puking.
    Feverish and taking pills.
    High colonic horse dewormers,
    Cannot deconstruct their ills.

    Fauci the published Vaxman
    Sent them all his litany
    Of jabs and pills
    and chemicals
    And was burned in effigy.

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