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Chrono'd Some Plinking Rds For My 464

Discussion in 'Mossberg 464 Lever Action' started by COSteve, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. COSteve

    COSteve .22LR

    I loaded up some nice lower velocity plinking rds for my 464 using X-Treme's 150grn plated bullet and Win760 powder I had laying around some time ago but didn't get a chance to chrono them. They shoot decently and the lower recoil works well with my wife (5'0" and 110lbs) and other smaller women and kids who want to give it a try. I like shooting them at my favorite target, bowling pins, at 200ys off the bench. Even with the stock open sights, that brass bead front sight is clear and smacking those pins a real kick. Anyway, I'd worked them up but never got around to chronoing them until just a week ago. (You know us retired types are busy all the time. ;))

    I took 6 rifles, 5 leverguns and my Mini-14, out to chrono one day as I'd tweaked the loads in the others during the last year. I was going for 2,000fps for my 464 as I thought that it would be a good, easy recoiling load range but finding a sweet spot meant I added a few 10th of a grain more than I'd targeted. So, the big reveal came and my 10 shot data showed they were averaging 2,071fps with an SD of 18. That's a bit faster than I was aiming for and I wouldn't have minded if the SD was down below 10, but all in all it turned out a good load for days in the mid 80s. I'm thinking now of maybe searching for an accuracy load point even lower than that so I can get them down where anyone will enjoy shooting it. However, it's got to pass the test, hitting the pins at 200. :D
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  2. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    464 has become one of my favorite guns, but I have had very poor success loading for it. So far I have not been able to make anything more accurate than Factory ammunition I can buy.

    But mostly that is for lack of trying, I believe, as I have expended most of my efforts loading for the .223 varmint gun, various handguns and the shotguns.

    This year I hope to get back to loading for the 464, and I do have some older experimental loads that I have not yet shot off, so there is that to look forward to as well.

    Comparing the quality of manufacture between my Mossberg 464 carbine and my Marlin Guide Gun, I would say that Mossberg gets the nod in most cases. The Marlin actually functioned better right out of the box, while my 464 required much break-in work.

    The Mossberg has better checkering and the wood fits better. They both have the same type of laminated stock but Mossberg's overall finish was better. Also the Marlin has crummy sights, though some folks have complained that Mossberg sights were defective, the quality of the Marlin front sight was very disappointing.

    Evidently, when they screw the barrel onto a Marlin they don't care if it's exactly straight up at 12 o'clock, and they just bend the front sight until the gun follows it. Wow. ;(

    But the Marlin feeds better, and I believe this is because my 464 needs some relief on sharp edges of the internal mechanisms.

    The Marlin is definitely easier to field strip, though you might easily lose the ejector. Mossberg disassembly is more involved.

    Being that the Mossberg is a .30-30 and the Marlin is a .45-70, I expected my Marlin would kick a lot more, but it really wasn't as different as I expected, and not really worse than my 12 gauge coach gun.

    Anyhow time will tell which is the better gun, but at this point I believe that Mossberg has the edge on manufacturing quality.

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