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Cleaning of Gas Tube

Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by mark.kottka, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. mark.kottka

    mark.kottka Copper BB

    Hey you Krazy Kids. My 930 is having a bogger of a time w/ cycling; upon firing it will skip a cycle causing me to manually cycle. Does not matter what type of ammo since day one. The extractors look fine, thinking gas tube needs to be cleaned? Thoughts please. Thanks!

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  2. Whitey

    Whitey .270 WIN

    Have you fully disassembled and thoroughly cleaned inside and out?
  3. threadedbarrel

    threadedbarrel Copper BB

    I would clean the gas tube and the three parts of the piston, then do a general wipe down with your favorite cleaner/oilier.
  4. Rob72

    Rob72 .270 WIN

    Soak your piston in a good penetrating oil (I use marvel Mystery Oil, from Wally World). You can use bristled pipe cleaners for the ports, but these are probably a more cost-effective solution: https://iosso.com/clean/products/ar-rifle-gas-tube-brush-refill-2-pack/ Same deal, dip the brush in oil, and scrub the ports. Once everything has been soaked & scrubbed, wipe off, and degrease with carb & choke cleaner. My experience is that the 930 works MUCH better using dry lube, with just a dab of grease on the receiver rails.
  5. steven berson

    steven berson Sponsor Sponsor

    Remove the forend and see if the piston moves freely by hand. If it is getting jammed either the gun is crazy dirty, or your gas cylinder isn't perfectly aligned.

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