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Firearms and Politics

Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by Ernst, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Ernst

    Ernst .270 WIN

    While not 100% related to politics the firearms, ammunition and accessories marketplace seems in turmoil these days. Over saturation in certain areas, for example AR-15s, has filled the shelves with both new and used offerings. And prices are extremely competitive. Maybe the lowest in years for top of the line models like Colt and other highend brands. Unfortunately, a number of the "assembly" house have closed. Thank goodness most of the parts they used were milspec in design but probably not tested to milspec standards. Buyer beware.

    In other sectors, for example original JM marked Marlins, the market availability seems almost non-existent and the prices continue to climb through the roof for lightly used offerings. Prices on the used market in many cases are higher than new offerings. That said, this seems to be one of the best times to buy in decades if you have the available resources.

    The ammunition market place, almost across the board, remains a buyers market. Certainly not as cheap as we enjoyed in the 60s but excellent for recent times. Its been many years since robust availability and competitive pricing have driven the market place. For to long politics captured the market and drove both price and availability. In my opinion, this is the time to stock up.

    I'm fearful these good times may be coming to a close. Many black clouds are on the horizon at both the federal and state levels driven by politicians and vocal minorities who have little knowledge of hunting, the military or self defense. How many of our young people have been taught about firearms by their parents?

    Unfortunately, many of the most vocal are city dwellers who believe that it only takes one call or text from their smart phone and the SWAT team will be on their doorstep in two minutes. Yet some of these same folks advocate disarming the police! No thought as to what might happen in case of a national emergency or more importantly, what folks like many of us who live miles from the nearest town or law enforcement capability might need on a daily basis.

    It's time to reevaluate your current capabilities and future needs. I've always felt it's better to have and not need than need and not have.

    I'm interested in your thoughts?

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  2. Bobster

    Bobster .30-06 Supporter

    Great summation, Ernst! :)

    I sometimes fantasize about post-apocalyptic times not that I want to see them, mind you. The cities will become food wastelands and the residents will soon try to leave their safety. Garbage and bodies rotting on the sidewalks! Roadways blocked with disabled vehicles and so on.

    Then what if there are groups looking to exact revenge. I'll use Trump Tower as an example of the potential body count that could happen if someone was so inclined: picture a number of Molotov cocktails thrown in the lobby, basement, ventilation shafts, elevator shafts and stairwells. Ain't many getting out for a while and many will suffocate unless they bust out a window which will help feed the fires. Remember, this is a fantastical vision and I'm only using TT as an example but imagine that on a smaller scale.

    Just remember we are one or two EMPs away from a failed electrical grid... Then what? What will you do with no electricity, cell phone or internet? Where will you get your drinking water? Just one quart of motor oil will make an entire reservoir undrinkable.
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  3. John A.

    John A. I'm "THAT" guy Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    All you gotta do is read Revelations in your Bible. It's going to be worse than you'll ever be able to imagine. No scenario is going to be able to prepare you guys for this because it's going to be on a global scale. Not just in a movie theater near you.

    There are certain things you need to survive.

    Food, Water, Shelter, Fire/heat/warmth, and enough smarts to be able to find and use all of the above.

    Most of the population doesn't have enough of the above to be able to make it for a month. Let alone, long term.

    And even those that do, will have to work hard to make it through the first long winter. Something else a lot of people are not capable of doing.

    Unplug the internet, that will confuse the hell out of them.
  4. Djcala

    Djcala .30-06 Supporter

    Preparation is so important, and surely gear and equipment can help, BUT knowledge is key and best part of knowledge is it weighs nothing and takes up zero room n your pack can't be lost or stolen !
    Yes hard times coming we,dont know when, but obligated to prepare, yes the time of,judgement will be horrible , yes it will happen, BUT BUT take comfort my Lord and save will return to bind evil then reign for,1000 years of peace on earth. In all our fears and preperations , always remember there is GOOD NEWS WE WIN INNTHE END !!!!! Get peace brothers and,pass it along to those who dont know. Prepare your mind your body and most importantly your soul.
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  5. sixbennetts

    sixbennetts .270 WIN

    Bic lighters.

    Seriously, LOTS of them. Had a friend survive Bosnia. He said once the stores were empty, EVERYBODY wanted the ability to create fire.

    Every time I buy anything at a store, I grab a handful from the basket and buy them. We must have a thousand in a small barrel in the garage.

    You can trade them for anything in a merde/ventilateur situation.
  6. Tom396

    Tom396 .30-06

    Excellent tip! Thanks. Take care. Tom Worthington
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  7. Ernst

    Ernst .270 WIN

    Under measures proposed in the House by Florida’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Senate by Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal, would-be ammunition buyers would have to be first vetted by the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System. The lawmakers, allied with national gun control groups, say the move to add controls to bullet sales would help save lives.

    Wasserman Schultz’s bill, entered Wednesday as HR 1705 with 54 co-sponsors, would force potentially millions of ammunition purchases into the already swamped NICS clearinghouse where transfers would be approved, delayed or denied.

    More craziness out of Washington!
  8. mdf9183

    mdf9183 .410

    Some one needs to tell these two idiots that the person buying the ammo has already passed a background check when he bought the firearm he is going to use it in.
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  9. John A.

    John A. I'm "THAT" guy Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    Wow, that is a thought that I hadn't considered.
  10. Djcala

    Djcala .30-06 Supporter

    Thats actually our mistake, they are not idiots they are pretty smart and they have an agenda. The agenda is to,disarm an entire population. Dont be mistaken one bit they have no care for public safety or rights of,citizens. These are intelligent operatives of evil desiring to create subjects not citizens. Dont be misled or get sidetracked
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  11. Pawpaw

    Pawpaw .30-06 Supporter

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  12. John A.

    John A. I'm "THAT" guy Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

  13. Djcala

    Djcala .30-06 Supporter

  14. cmcdonald

    cmcdonald Forum Moderator Staff Member Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Our firearm prices are up slightly over the last few years, but not ridiculous. However, ammo has gone up and seems to continue a slow upward trend here...(here being Canada, for those who don’t know I’m a northern cousin).

    My Beretta CX4 is up about 100-150 bucks over when I purchased it last year.

    There is most definitely a huge push for gun control and even more gun control everywhere in the western nations right now...scary. Keep writing your representatives in whatever country, state or province you live in. I recently sent over 80 emails to our senators opposing Bill C-71.

    We may have escaped more legislation this year...this time. Maybe not next time. Trudeau is in serious trouble and doubt he’s going bring in anything now that will cost him votes. The election is in October. The Liberal Party has been caught up in their own shite lately and the shine is fully off the prancing pony and Mr. Fancysocks, the supreme poser is eating the fruit of his own hubris and arrogance. I do believe he is gonna be a one term wonder...thankfully!

    Of course, like most of us here I’m always trying to add to my supplies.

    I recently stumbled into some stupid cheap ammo and hunting gear from a friend of mine who goes to estate sales looking for guns, ammo & accessories. I got twenty 12 ga 2 3/4 SSG’s for 5 bucks. I got a mixed bucket of 12 ga (about 80-100 rds) 4, 5, 6, 71/2, 8 shot, a few slugs for another 5 bucks. I got 60 rds of 30-30 win for 30 bucks.

    I also picked up a gun vice for 20 bucks, a Bushnell Spacemaster 15-45x60 spotting scope for 150 bucks less the 100 bucks he sold my old one for....:thumbsup:

    Oh yeah and a Wyoming Knife for gutting, with sheath...yep...5 bucks! Lol!!
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