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Full List Of All Mossberg Firearms...

Discussion in 'Discontinued Mossberg Models' started by DHonovich, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Paul605

    Paul605 .410

    I have a 352 KA Carbine with that feature...
  2. Andrew Dubaka

    Andrew Dubaka .22LR

    I have a 385kb, it's not on the list.
  3. GT_80

    GT_80 .270 WIN

    Thats definitely not 100% correct- I think I found magazines advertisements with my Mossberg 146B up to 1958 or 1959... Some had T bolts, some had the ball like mine.
  4. lornedavis

    lornedavis .22LR

    I did not read all replies here so forgive any repeat of information. The years 1942 thur 1945 Moss. made no rifles for the civilian market. They started military contract work in 1941 and were 100% into that by 1942 thru 1945. Any guns on the market in those years were made before 1942' Even in 1941 any sold were probably only assembled from parts.
    There were two rifles made for the US Gov. The 44US mainly for the us Navy and the 42MB which most went to England as Lend Lease. 44US"s after 1945 were all civilian models. The list above show no Special models, or Spiegel models made for the Spiegel Mail Order C. in Chicago, Ill. This is a collector field in its own right! About 44 models, most with distinctive featchers. Many of the Letters following the numbers are written wrong and should be written as (a), (b), etc., if it is a capital letter M, B, etc. it has a whole different meaning. This list can and will lead to much confusion and misinformation.
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  5. lornedavis

    lornedavis .22LR

    146B made 1949 -1954. 146B-A made 1954-1958. The A indicates a different rear sight.
  6. Greg Testa

    Greg Testa Copper BB

    I recently purchased a 342K. Looking to purchase additional magazines for 22 short. Does anyone know of any sites where they can be found?
  7. Sawfish

    Sawfish Copper BB

    I have the S&W 1000M,. Steel receiver chambered for 3" Magnum shells. Great waterfowl gun.
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  8. MitchellB

    MitchellB .22LR

    I couldn't find my Mossberg 183T .410 bolt action shotgun on there, supposedly made from 1973-78.
  9. RCoulter52

    RCoulter52 .22LR

    I know that this is an old thread, but this is what I have found on the Model 44, in all of it's variations.....

    Model 44 (1934-1935) 22 tube fed same as 40, beavertail stock

    Model 44B (1938-1941) bolt action 22 box fed heavy target barrel, target sights

    Model 44US (1943-1945) 22 bolt action box fed made for war dept. target sights US PROPERTY

    Model 44US(a) (1944-1946) civilian post war change in sights swivels and adj. trigger pull some US PROPERTY contract

    Model 44US(b) (1946-1947) same as 44US(a) change in extractors

    Model 44US(c) (1947-1948) same as 44US(b) S130 replaces S100 peep

    Model 44US(d) (1949) same as 44US(c) new 3-pos front swivel plate

    Fort Smith, AR
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