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GG&G M590 Looped Rear Sling Attachment on a Shockwave, it works.

Discussion in 'Mossberg 590 Shockwave' started by Kalashnikitty590, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Kalashnikitty590

    Kalashnikitty590 .22LR

    One of the first things that I did when I brought my two Mossberg Shockwaves home was remove the front and rear sling mounts from my Shockwave, they didn't suit my needs; I left my wife's Shockwave sling mounts in their stock configuration. After carefully reviewing my sling mount options I decided to take a chance and ordered the GG&G Mossberg 590 Looped Rear Sling Attachment; I did this despite many of you being told by GG&G that it would not work...I'm hard headed like that.

    I removed the Raptor Grip from my Shockwave and test fit the GG&G sling attachment to the receiver; when I added the Raptor Grip I noticed that the fit was not flush as there was a ridge on the face of the Raptor Grip that did not seat fully in the back of the GG&G sling attachment due to it having a shallower groove than the groove at the rear of the Shockwave receiver.

    Lacking a machine shop I opted to carefully sand the ridge of the Raptor Grip instead of deepening the rear groove on the GG&G sling attachment. I placed a sheet of sandpaper on a flat surface and lightly sanded the ridge for a few seconds, then checked the fit, I continued doing this until it fit flush.

    I think the results turned out well and will now allow me to using my favorite single point sling (With HK snap hooks) with my Shockwave. As you can see in the attached pics the is a gap on the bottom of the GG&G sling attachment/Raptor Grip connection; I may fill that gap with epoxy or modify a Glock Grip Plug to fit.

    The gap:

    The ridge on the Raptor Grip that requires sanding for a flush fit:
    SAND HERE.jpg

    Flush fit after careful sanding:
    FLUSH FIT.jpg

    Looking good:

    Very nice:

    I like it:

    Not sure about the best way to fill this gap:
  2. John A.

    John A. I'm "THAT" guy Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    Looks great.

    Unless you wanted to paint the grip, I'd just leave the gap.

    If you prefer to fill and paint it, JB weld will work fine. I recommend putting some masking tape on the protruding portion of the trigger pack though so once it sets so the JB weld isn't glued to the part itself.

    After you get it apart and peel the masking tape off, will be nearly seamless.

    Then sand and paint it with whatever you choose.

    But if it were me, I think I'd just keep the little gap.
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  3. HeavyDuty

    HeavyDuty .22LR

    Looks good, but have you shot it yet?

    I’ve found side mounts like that tend to bite the web of my hand - I avoid them.
  4. Kalashnikitty590

    Kalashnikitty590 .22LR

    John A: I'm going to take your advice and leave the gap alone.

    HeavyDuty: I have not shot it yet but if it bites me as you mentioned I will removed it and install it on my Mossberg 590.
  5. Kalashnikitty590

    Kalashnikitty590 .22LR


    I fired quite a few 9 pellet 00 buck through my Shockwave today as did three other people with me and did not have any problems at all with the GG&G mount biting our hands. A fourth guy shooting my Shockwave had part of his hand ripped open by the GG&G mount as he is left handed and my GG&G rear sling mount is set up for right handed people; after bandaging his hand he resumed shooting my Shockwave but shot it right handed. I will definitely keep the GG&G mount installed on my Shockwave but will ensure that left handed people shoot right handed.
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  6. Craig Arnold

    Craig Arnold .410

    Kalashnikitty, You did a very good job on your sling mount sir. It looks great!

    Best regards.
  7. Kalashnikitty590

    Kalashnikitty590 .22LR

  8. PeglegJones

    PeglegJones .410

    How did it rip his hand? He obviously didn't have an adequate grip on it.

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  9. Kalashnikitty590

    Kalashnikitty590 .22LR

    Inadequate grip in that he tried firing it left handed, the sling loop was already touching his hand before he fired a shot, the recoil did the rest; he should have noticed what was about to happen and not fired. After we got his hand bandaged up he continued to fire another twenty five rounds or so shooting right handed...so at least he wasn't a quitter, haha.
  10. StraightShooter46

    StraightShooter46 .22LR

    You just sanded the top of the ridge, right? Not the sides or edge?
  11. Kalashnikitty590

    Kalashnikitty590 .22LR

    You are correct, I just sanded the top of the ridge. When you have the sling mount in hand it will be very apparent to you exactly where and how much needs to be sanded. Good luck and post a pic of your GG&G sling mount in this thread after you have it installed.

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