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Glock 43 mag ext in MC1

Discussion in 'Mossberg MC1sc 9mm' started by Bud E, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. Bud E

    Bud E Copper BB

    Got my MC1 used. Looks like it was never shot Came with the 2 regular mags and 3 Glock 43 mags: one with a Pearce finger ext (still a 6 shot) and 2 flat bottoms. Ordered 2 plus one ext. When they came I put the +1 ext on one of the flat bottoms. Filled it with seven cartridges and it would not seat. Thought maybe it was the seventh cartridge. I took that out and tried again. No luck. To make a long story short I shaved 15 thousands off the top of both ext.s and now they work fine.
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