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Got bored and polished bore

Discussion in 'Firearm Maintenance, Safety And Troubleshooting' started by XLntShot, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. XLntShot

    XLntShot .22LR

    Not a lot to do after shooting on my range except clean the guns. I saw somewhere on YouTube someone polishing their shotgun bore using a drill, bore brush, 000 steel wool, and brasso. They never showed the after polishing result.
    I've polished the feeding ramps on my pistols and rifles using a dremel, felt polishing wheel, flitz polish, and a whole lot of patience....being careful not to change any part of the geometry.

    I thought to myself..why not put a shine on the 590a1? Here is the result.
    Form and function are still 100%. Stay safe!
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