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Have you guys found quality 00 buckshot for less than this ?

Discussion in 'Ammunition' started by Robert Smith, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Pawpaw

    Pawpaw .30-06 Supporter

  2. Ghmann

    Ghmann .270 WIN

  3. Ghmann

    Ghmann .270 WIN

    PawPaw beat me to it. Dang even better.
  4. yz9890

    yz9890 .270 WIN

    I usually just search it on GunBot and pick whoever has it cheaper at the time. Thankfully I don't need much of it. I shoot 10-15 shells of the number 1 buck and 10-15 of the TruBall a year. Shoot the cheap stuff like in the original post the rest of the time.
  5. FLmossy

    FLmossy .22LR

    I put 25 rounds of this through my 500 Mariner today, along with 10 rounds of Winchester Super X 00 as a baseline comparison. My shottie is a 5+1, and I had no issues loading all 5 rounds in the magazine

    The S&B is listed at 1200 FPS vs 1325 for the Winchester. The Winchester definitely kicked harder, and the patterns seemed better (target was 7 yards away).

    Also noted the haze/powder cloud that followed every discharge of the S&B. I've read about that before, not sure what the root cause is.

    I also had 3 S&B fail to eject after firing, had to vigorously rack the slide a few times to get it to fully rack back and forth and thus the empty cartridge to eject. I've put about 100 rounds of 00 and #4 buck through the Mariner (Winchester and Federal) previously, but have not had this happen before.

    My take is that its a good deal for target ammo - was about $.34 per round including shipping via Midway - but I'll stick to Federal/Winchester/Hornady for HD.
  6. Inspector11

    Inspector11 .22LR

    I have just bought a case of S and B 00 buckshot and have had no issues with this ammo, but is roll crimped and my jm pro and SPX guns will hold one less in the tube, so be aware of that, and SG ammo had a case for 84.00 and $16 to ship, as cheap as I could find at the time...
  7. FLmossy

    FLmossy .22LR

    Target Sports USA has Remington 00 for 69.95 for a 100-round box, plus there is a $25 rebate available. So the end results is $0.45 per round after rebate.
  8. KeithTexas

    KeithTexas .410

    I've seen and bought the Estate for about the same price or just a little more.
    I haven't shot the Rio, but some have said it is dirty and/or smokey.
    I assume the Rio spreads about as quickly as the Winchester military, which may be desirable for some.
  9. MrSluggo

    MrSluggo .410 Supporter

    I have a Mossberg 500 and 535, and haven't had any problems with FTF/FTE (of course it's a pump, but ...). Pretty consistent "pops" so it seems as if they have consistent loads and, from what I've seen, aren't dirty. Plus, I like the clear shells; they're pretty. ;)
    Good point about the roll vs star crimp, but I haven't had any reduction in tube capacity, at least with the 2 3/4" shells. I don't have any 3" S&B, but that would be something I'll look out for.

    I like to check on ammograb every now and then just to see if there are any crazy low deals. A lot of times, the low price offerings are for reloads, or are from sellers that may not have the best reputations (at least from reviews).
    A lot of my "stuff" I get on Sportsmansguide (and I swear I'm not shilling for them). When they have a sale, it is usually pretty good, and they have free shipping when you buy relatively small amounts (right now it's at $49). When I buy, it's usually in large amounts, so that's never a problem. And they don't charge sales tax, which is nice. That all adds up.

    But get what you can when you can, because you never know how things are going to "develop".
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