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Hearing Protection in an HD situation

Discussion in 'Tactical And Home Defense' started by aksavanaman, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Elucase

    Elucase 20g

    The good news about being in the army is I see a doctor at least every 90 days. It's well documented.
  2. dorangolv

    dorangolv .270 WIN

    I was more afraid of what the wife was gonna do to me when she saw the hole in the bathroom wall.
  3. PumpyShooty

    PumpyShooty .22LR

    I completely agree with you on this scenario. People often underestimate how loud gunfire is indoors without hearing protection. Unfortunately, I had a friend test out the remodeling capabilities of his Mossberg 590 on my ceiling. Turns out they are quite effective at installing sky lights. But! after it went off I could barely stand because I was so dizzy. It felt like the room was pulsating for a solid 10 minutes.

    The reason why I am a proponent of HD hearing protection is because it gives you an advantage over the bad guys and any instance that you can quickly get an edge over the bad guy(s) is worth investigating.

    People often overlook the concussive properties of sound as it is an energy-containing wave. Yes, it will hurt your eardrums but it will also impair your balance like in my case. Balance is maintained mainly through 3 signal inputs: sight, proprioception (sensory cells in muscles, tendons, and ligaments that help interpret your position in space), and vestibular (in your ears). Typically, you'll need two of those functioning at any given time to have proper balance. In most HD scenarios, it will be dark so that is one strike against your balance, which means you will definitely need the other two working at their max capabilities. Shooting a gun indoors without hearing protection will most definitely disrupt the vestibular input for balance, which will be strike two.

    Of course, in the proirity of events, if somone comes kicking in my bedroom door before I heard them enter the house then I would grab my firearm first. But in that case, if you didn't hear them already you may not need the hearing protection anyways :p All in all, when I practice HD scenarios I always incorporate my hearing protection. If I have time to grab my weapons, I'll have time for putting on my hearing protection.
  4. John A.

    John A. I'm "THAT" guy Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    I am still a strong advocate of these for hearing protection indoors.

    And also in volatile environments. That's why many LEO agencies are using them in meth lab raids because of a reduced environmental explosion risk from the build up of toxic gasses and fumes if they fire the weapon.

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  5. hollywood63

    hollywood63 .410

    I have these next to the bed a next to the different guns if they get in they get in otherwise I'll lose some hearing
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  6. fellmann

    fellmann Esoteric Supporter Premier Member

    We are issued these... i am using them all the time... work / private...
    It is an advantage to both protect and enhance hearing. Highly recommended !

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