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Hello from Texas

Discussion in 'New Member Welcome Area' started by EdQ, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. EdQ

    EdQ Copper BB


    I recently found this place while researching mods for a Maverick 88. I got it from Academy about a day after Hurricane Katrina hit back in 2006.

    Although I live in Texas, my elderly Dad lives in Biloxi. When Katrina hit, all I saw was death, destruction and looting on the news. Phone lines were down, and I couldn’t get a hold of him. So my cousin and I loaded up the truck with food, water, gas, tools and the cheapest shotgun I could find at Academy at the time - my Maverick 88 - and headed down to look for him. I eventually found my Dad safe and sound with a bunch of friendly neighbors pitching in and everyone helping each other out - media blew it all out of proportion as usual. So luckily, there was no need for the shotgun, but it was good to have just in case.

    Anyway, I’ve shot it at the range a few times since then, but here I am 14 years later wanting to mod it out a bit as part of my home defense plan. So far, I put on a shorter barrel, took out the mag plug and am thinking of adding a light, a shorter stock and slapping on a shot shell card. In the meantime, I hope to learn from everyone on here and contribute when I can.
  2. meanstreak

    meanstreak .30-06 Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Welcome from Oklahoma. I was in Biloxi from early July of '69 till late March of 70.
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  3. fellmann

    fellmann Esoteric Supporter Premier Member

    Hello and welcome from northern Sweden
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  4. old mossy

    old mossy Global Moderator Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    Welcome to the forum from Florida.
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