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Inexpensive 464 Plinking Handloads

Discussion in 'Mossberg 464 Lever Action' started by COSteve, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. COSteve

    COSteve .22LR

    For those of us who handload, I've got an inexpensive plinking load I use with my 464. I've found that X-Treme's 150grn plated .308 bullets work decently well accuracy wise even out at the 200yds I shoot them at with my 464.

    Further, I've found that about 35grns of W760 powder (developed for the 30-06 to fill the case better for better accuracy and give it a bit more velocity) on top of the X-Treme bullet gives me just over 2,000fps and a low recoil plinking rd.

    With a high case density, it's decently accurate even with plated bullets and as they are inexpensive at 10ยข each, shooting these handloads are pretty darn economical. In addition, the younger shooters at our club appreciate the softer recoil with this load. A friend tried these in his '94 on Yotes and he was pleased with the results.
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