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I've been thinking about something

Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by John A., Apr 28, 2022.

  1. John A.

    John A. Unconstitutional laws are not laws. Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator

    You know that I often sit awake at night thinking about things.

    And I had a pretty important thought last night.

    If I ever start a gun company, I figured out the first model names that I'm going to use.


    The other models will be House of Representatives.


    And Supreme court.

    While they would be odd model names for guns, they would sure to never be banned.

    And if they were, I'm torn at whether to be sad about it or not.

    Could you imagine feinstein and schumer and pelosi standing beside of biden in the oval office when he signs a 579 page bill which bans congress, the house of representatives, the president and the supreme court?

    I know that the thought of gun bans just bother me to the core, but in this case, I think I could probably get over it pretty quickly.
  2. meanstreak

    meanstreak .30-06 Supporter "Philanthropist"

    John, you must have interesting dreams. I do like the concept you described.
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  3. John A.

    John A. Unconstitutional laws are not laws. Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator

    They never make any laws that mess with their status quo.

    If anything, they protect it with purpose.
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  4. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ .50 BMG Supporter

    Not intentionally. But at some level of stupidity they do keep shooting at their own feet.

    Like when they cry about America’s lack of diversity and tolerance, then tell people to make life hard for their fellow citizens if they disagree with you.

    They all flunked out of basic Sunday School.

    They are the true walking dead. Unable to know truth from lies, having lost their powers of discrimination, bouncing endlessly from one desperate posturing to the next.
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  5. cmcdonald

    cmcdonald Forum Moderator Staff Member Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Well said Cadd
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  6. S.R. Crawford

    S.R. Crawford .270 WIN

    I think part of the problem is that they never went to Sunday School to begin with.

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