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Looking to reload 8mm (7.92) Mauser--decapping questions...

Discussion in 'Ammunition' started by Bobster, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Bobster

    Bobster .30-06 Supporter

    Looking to reload 8mm (7.92) Mauser. I have some decapping questions...

    I recently picked up this Lee turret press & accessories locally. It did not come with dies. Also some mags that I quickly sold at a profit so the press and items in the picture stands me $15... :D I don't know the model number or name but it is slightly older and no longer cataloged at Lee. The closest offering now is the Classic Turret Press. I thought of selling it as received ($150ish on debay?) but figured I could use it to reload 8mmx57 for my K98 Mauser (1939) as well as 30.06. .223 I can do on my Pro1000s (9mm & 45ACP). I have bullets and cases for 8mm already, just need some powder and large primers.

    I got a set of dies from a "local" debayer delivered for $42 inc. tax. Could have saved a little at Midway but got the dies in 2 days. The die set included a shell holder, which I needed. This was worth $10 alone...

    I figured I would "try" the press out by decapping some empty cases then use the "T" primer pusher to push a used primer back into the case. Mounted for testing to my "dumpster-dive" folding table by drilling one 1/4" hole and using a couple pump clamps. Clamps took care of the other holes which are too close to the edge of the particle board table and would surely crumble it. Again, just for testing and I have a 1/4" cap I can pop into the hole I drilled.

    Digging into my stash of surplus cases I tried decapping 44 and 57 branded cases with no success. Capable of Zeus strength , I only used my Tinkerbell setting to try to press the primer out--maybe closer to Peter Pan but anyway... One primer "bulged" a little from my attempts but I was able to "push" it back in with the primer tool. Not wanting to break the decapping pin and to assure it was hitting the primer hole in the center I put a dab of white paint on the tip and "touched down" lightly inside an already "resized" case of each vintage. As seen in the pics the pin appears centered. One case shows a little "extra" paint but the pin still "painted" the primer hole concentrically.

    Q: so am I looking at crimped primers?

    Q: what tool would you recommend to un-crimp if they are?

    Q: should I get a #90292 decapping die (no neck sizer) and put a little meat and potatoes behind the push?

    Admittedly, I need to mount the press to a more secure table as this rickety folding table ain't going to cut it...

    I have another 100 or so of these rounds fired and unfired I'd like to be able to eventually reload. They ARE brass-cased as checked with a magnet and obviously boxer-primed.

    I had a bunch of surplus 8mm duds I pulled the bullets from. While I have retained the pull powder from the them, it is DEFINITELY corrosive as I "lost" a pulled round in the powder and when discovered a few months later while transferring the powder into a smaller container, it was corroded all over. That is the last pic. The pulled bullets were only slightly corroded on the exposed butt. The cases were also Berdan-primed so into the recycle bucket they went... A powder sample still burns vigorously and the powder will be used for less-critical incendiary-purposes... ;)





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  2. hombre243

    hombre243 .30-06 Elite Member

    Yep, theyre crimped and you may have to lube em up if they are corroded. Lee may have a universal decapping die that only decaps, and does not touch the case sides or neck. It may make sense to try the universal decapper and then do the resizing. Make sure cases are all lubed if you full length resize or you may ruin a die, the case or pin. Here is Lee Universal info.

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  3. Bobster

    Bobster .30-06 Supporter

    The cases are in good condition. I'd like to de-cap them before I clean them. I inadvertently put the wrong part number in but you linked to the same de-capping die and I have an "extra" hole in the turret I could use. The main thing is I have to find a sturdier table to mount the press on--the folding table just won't cut it... The Lee directions I've seen indicate the decapper will push the primer out regardless of whether it is crimped or not. There really isn't a primer crimp "cutter" I found that doesn't cut some of the case while doing it. If I can get the primer out, I have the technology to deburr the pocket. I'd still like to hear what everybody says, though... :)
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  4. hombre243

    hombre243 .30-06 Elite Member

    Actually the primer is easy to remove and is only a bit tighter than uncrimped primers. Main thing is to do as you have been doing: making sure the pin is centered. I agree about your table. If there is flex in the table it will make it hard to push out the primers. There is no way to cut out the crimp before depriming but RCBS makes what I consider the best crimp remover. It is a swage set with the tools to do both the large and small primers. However you may need to use a proper sized cutter to trim out the crimp because of the way the turret press is set up. Once the nub is inserted into the primer pocket it smashes the crimp against the inside of the pocket. Pulling the nub out takes more effort. If you go with the swage set, a piece of copper tube, or fitting just the right size to slide down on the ram will aid in removing the nub from the pocket. If you try it you will see the value in the extra leverage the piece of tube affords.

    I am afraid if you apply too much pressure to the table it will collapse. I had that happen once when during an open house where I worked I placed a drink mixer on the table and the table collapsed, destroyed a rented soft drink mixer and flooded the floor with OJ a half hour before opening the door. There is a lot of pressure in the handle of the press.

    Last but not least, make sure the turret press will work with the shells you are loading. There is a shell overall length limit on Lee Turret Presses. I see you have the auto index removed as instructed. Loading full length cartridges may be a problem if the 8mm's are too long. Contact Lee to make sure. You mentioned it is an older press. Todays specs may not apply to yesteryears presses.

    Good luck. Have fun and check your loading manuals for recipes. Do not rely on word of mouth unless you can verify load recipes in a manual.
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