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MCARBO Trigger Spring Kit and Magazine Follower

Discussion in 'Mossberg 500 Pump Action' started by Jmm14534, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Jmm14534

    Jmm14534 .270 WIN Supporter

    I installed the MCARBO trigger spring kit on one of my M500 pump shotguns today. First let me say that I was not unhappy with the factory trigger that been in the gun for many years. I was ordering some other components from MCARBO and for $19.95 I thought I would give it a try. Note for an additional $1.95 I added the trigger spring installation tool as well. So basically $22 bucks.

    The install was easy if you are comfortable with this sort of thing. I figure if you have the ability to fully disassemble your M500 then this should not be a problem for you. Their is a video on their website to guide you thru it.

    Bottom line. The trigger pull is improved. Is it $22 bucks better? I’ll let you be the judge. There is still some first stage take up. The second stage is crisp and certainly lighter than before. The reset is clean. Anyone else have this kit on their M500? Do you have good things to say about it?

    I also installed their stainless steel mag follower as well ($13.46). Again just to see if there is any significant differences. For the money just the esthetics is worth it.

    Truthfully, I blame all this tinkering on both COVID and the ammunition situation. Since I’m not shooting much I look for little projects to do on my guns to keep us close!
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