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MMR disassembly & findings

Discussion in 'Mossberg MMR Hunter And Tactical AR15' started by 1withguns, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. 1withguns

    1withguns Copper BB

    I found the finer details on how the Mossberg MMR is put together to be scarce. I have done a complete disassembly of my new MMR carbine (#65074) after getting my first range time with it. I was able to only get 75 standing unsupported rounds down the barrel at a 20yd indoor range, but it shot great and I'm very happy with this firearm for a well below $600 price tag (not including the only add-on being the Magpul stock.)

    My findings about the MMR:
    -the upper and lower both have the key mark forging symbols, so Cerro forgings?
    -UTG pro mil spec 6 position stock kit
    -UTG pro aluminum sights
    -barrel is standard GI profile and not chrome lined
    -barrel gas block is pinned
    -barrel extension, bolt carrier and the bolt carrier gas key are chromed lined
    -M4 feed ramps on barrel ext and receiver
    -bolt is HPT & MPI
    -staked bolt carrier gas block and castle nut
    -extractor has the black spring insert and o-ring
    -carbine buffer weight
    -mil spec trigger
    -bolt carrier has the cut out on the bottom that exposes the firing pin, so it's not the M16 full shroud

    That's about all I can think of at the moment. I have no way of verifying the materials (beside contacting Mossberg(also there's already a thread here about the barrel), so I would expect the aluminum, barrel steel, and the anodizing to be of the non high end variety. No forward assist and dust cover, but looks like they give you mil spec everywhere else, so IMO this model MMR is a really great bang for the buck firearm. Looking forward to many more happy range sessions with the Mossy AR.

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  2. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    I really like the looks of that rifle. I already have a couple .223s, but I would like to have one of these in a .308 Caliber or similar.

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