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Mossberg 500E upgrades

Discussion in 'Mossberg 500 Pump Action' started by GT_80, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. GT_80

    GT_80 .270 WIN

    After my range time last weekend, I decided I wanted to do some modifications on my 500E .410

    I ordered a corncob fore grip from Numrich as well as a pistol grip and my intention was to have the barrel trimmed to 18.5", put the corncob grip on, and put a pistol grip on and use it as a home defense low recoil gun.

    The corncob grip was made for a single action bar, and my gun is a dual action bar, so I had to whittle some wood off it so the action slide cleared, and I hit is with some Ballistol to keep it looking good and seal the wood a little, then assembled it, and put the action back together.

    After that, I was going to try and put the pistol grip on, but once I saw how good it looked with the stock, I am not sure I want to put the pistol grip on... I was also debating possibly cutting the factory stock to make it more like a shockwave or more like a Nightstick actually, but I can't bring myself to cut a nice stock.

    So with a now 18.75" barrel and the corncob grip I think this is about how I want to leave it. It looks pretty nice. My two 12 gauges both have corncob foregrips, and now my .410 as well, so my 20 gauge may need to get one :) For some reason the trench guns/ riot guns are my favrorite of all, so all my model 500's will most likely end up like that.

    036.JPG 043.JPG 041.JPG 037.JPG
  2. GT_80

    GT_80 .270 WIN

    here are my two 12 gauges with Corncob grips - the Pursuader looking one is actually a Maverick 88 8 shot with model 500 wood furniture, and the other one is a model 500ATP with a standard mag tube and the factory heat shield.

    I may put a heat shield on the pursuader as well, so I have what looks like the two Military and police style models that were made in the 70's -80's.

    Did I mention that I love the 500?

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