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Mossberg 590a1 Heatshield install on XS ghost sights?

Discussion in 'Mossberg 590 Pump Action' started by Fred245, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Fred245

    Fred245 .410

    As the title states: I have a Mossberg 590a1 with the XS ghost sights. I know the heat shield (16335P) is designed to be installed on a 590a1 with the bead sights, as the shield needs to slide over the barrel from the muzzle end.

    That said, I've seen more than a few pics and threads about 590a1 owners (with Xs or ghost ring sights) who have somehow managed to install heat shields. Does anyone here have any suggestions on how to get the shield on without totally screwing up the finish on the barrel? The only option I can come up with is to stretch the heat shield rings to fit over the barrel from the top down. Has anyone tried this?

    Feedback would be great!
  2. Fred245

    Fred245 .410

    So to partly answer my own thread, I've figured out that the rear clamp on the heat shield can probably fit over the rear end of the barrel (that part that mates to the receiver). It might need just a slight amount of coaxing, but it seems doable. The only issue to contend with will be to squeeze/fit/force the front clamp of the heat shield over the front, or skinny, part of the barrel (which will likely require quite a bit more coaxing). But once that front clamp is fit onto the barrel, I should be able to move the heat shield back until I can bring the rear heat shield clamp into position and fit it onto the rear of the barrel.

    This seems to be the only way to get the heat shield on a mossberg 590 barrel with anything other than a bead sight. Might use some electrical tape on the barrel to help mitigate scratching.
  3. 95jza80tt

    95jza80tt .223

    I had bought a aimpro tactical heat shield a while back and the instructions on installing it to a barrel equipped with GRS was to remove the barrel and slip the rear of the heatshield on from the back to the front then place a oily rag on the barrel where the front clamp will make contact with the barrel so the clamp will rest on the oily rag instead of the actual barrel. Then you use a rubber mallet and whack the heat shield down onto the barrel causing the clamp to separate and clamp on to the barrel. The oily rag obviously is to keep you from scratching up your barrel. then slide the heat shield to the desired position and use some pliers to pinch the clamp back together just enough for you to install the hardware. Tightening the hardware will close the clamp around the barrel for you.
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  4. mpcombatvet

    mpcombatvet .22LR

    I own a 590A1 with Ghost Rings also. Bought the 16335p heat shield thinking how was this gonna work .without screwing up the barrel finish. Well to my surprise I slipped the rear of the heat shield onto the barrel,slid it down .... no problem now the dreaded front portion ! I eye balled it .Put some Frog Lube on the barrel where the heat shield contacted it...took the the palm of my left hand and dropped it on the heat shield smartly ! And With a pop it was on !... just like that ! I couldn't believe it. No damage to the finish ! No forcing no spreading or bending ! May e I just got lucky ! I dunno but I'll take it. IMG_20171106_1738075_rewind.jpg
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