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Mossberg 590A1 Retrograde

Discussion in 'Mossberg 590 Pump Action' started by Chuck Gullage, Apr 13, 2019 at 8:10 PM.

  1. Chuck Gullage

    Chuck Gullage .22LR

    Does any have experience with a 590A1 Retrograde? I'm very interested in getting one, but I'm not sure I need another shotgun, but they are so attractive, if not a little pricy. Buds Gun Shop has them for $678 which looks like a good price but with the $50 FFL fee and the $15 NJ NICS check that puts the deal at $743. The wood furniture looks great, but I question whether the wood is worth the price differential. Your thoughts please.
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  2. Mossbergermeister

    Mossbergermeister .410

    The price seems right, so if you like it, then go for it.

    Personally, if I were looking for something with a retro look by Mossberg and already owned your typical shotguns making it difficult to justify getting just another shotgun, then I would opt for the 590 Nightstick.


    Not only does it have a distinctively retro look to it, but it's just different enough from other shotguns, and much cheaper than the 590A1 Retrograde you're currently looking at.
  3. Frankie

    Frankie .410

    I bought a 590a1 retrograde recently ,since I like walnut wood,especially on shotguns,it a no brainer,love it,no regrets,well worth the cash,super fun.

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