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Mossberg 930 SPX Upgrade Question

Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by pfrederi1, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. pfrederi1

    pfrederi1 Copper BB

    Hello All
    Im new to the forum and had a couple questions. Ive had my 930 SPX for about 7yrs and havent fired it much (300rnds max) but the times ive fired it Ive been having intermittent feeding issues and FTE issues. To add to the difficulty the issue were intermittent and didnt seem to have any common theme. It didnt seem to matter what type rounds i was using. Being that i use this weapon as my primary home defense go to gun Ive been trying every and anything to get this gun to be more reliable. So I read quite a few posts and decided to "upgrade" some parts to see if that would help alleviate some of my issues. 1 or 2 of these items were more for aesthetics but overall i wanted the gun to improve reliabilty.

    1) I changed out the stock buttstock and installed a new Mesa Tactical Urbino pistol grip stock
    2) Installed OR3GUN marine spacer tube
    3) Installed new GGG Low Drag aluminum follower
    4) Nordic Barrel Clamp

    After I installed I have not had an issue yet but ive only fired about 20rnds thru it since Ive got the parts installed and part of the reason is because this thing is no longer a joy to fire. The shortened Urbino stock for some reason now kicks like a Mule outta hell (and Ive got the limb Saver stock). It batters me every single time i fire the weapon. i used to be able to rapid fire and empty the magazine but with the increased felt recoil and pistol grip now its seems impossible for me to have 1 quick follow up shot. i have to reset each time after firing now. Im seriously considering going back to the stock stock.

    So my question is has anyone else experienced this when they installed the urbino pistol grip stock?? Because now i cant really tell if my problem is fixed or not because i cant rapid fire the darn thing. Does anyone know why the gun would have so much more of a recoil now?? Im a big guy and i can control a weapon but i cant seem to get more than 1 rnd off at a time with this thing now. Seems like a totally differnt gun now. Any suggestions on how I can better able to rapid fire with this setup??

  2. John A.

    John A. Unconstitutional laws are not laws. Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator

    Sorry for the belated response.

    Anytime you change parts on a gun, you risk that part being more a detriment than an asset. So, if you think it's changed how the gun handles negatively, by all means, yes, I would put the original stock back on and go from there.

    The follower isn't going to make the recoil worse.
    The barrel clamp isn't going to make the recoil worse.
    The stock, in reality, isn't going to increase the recoil either, though it may change the angles and generally could be unpleasant-depending on the individual, but it's not going to actually increase recoil.

    So, that leaves the marine tube or whatever you are calling it as the likely culprit.
  3. Rob72

    Rob72 .270 WIN

    Another late reply. The stock is your issue- sort of. Did you buy it for the reduced LOP, or you just liked the look?

    If you're a big guy, that LOP can be a problem, unless you're mounting the gun properly. The stock should not be in your shoulder "pocket," but more on your pectoral, almost directly above your nipple. Your firing arm should be tucked into your side, not chicken-winged. You basically make that side of your body a solid mass to take the recoil.

    It DOES work better with a vest, if you're much over 6 foot, but having your shotty close to your center mass is the key. Lean forward into it and clinch it like you own it.

    The marine spacer tube is a great addition, and the only other things I might recommend would be the SBE stainless piston (first, it is a functional compliment to the spacer tube) and the Or3Gun ASR (Adjustable Spring Retainer) if you shoot light loads for practice.
    Last edited: May 18, 2021
  4. tcecil88

    tcecil88 .30-06 Elite Member

    I have the Urbino on mine as well as the OR3GUN combination of parts. Mine shoots everything now and I love the Urbino. I realize that to each his own. I do shoot mine as Rob72 describes though. I also have the OR3GUN parts in my 935 Waterfowl and it cycles low brass field loads as well as full power turkey loads now.
  5. pfrederi1

    pfrederi1 Copper BB

    Appreciate all the responses. I had given up as i had not heard back from anyone but i shipped the gun back to Mossberg and they still have not assigned my shotgun to a tech and its been a month since they had my gun SMH. Im basically waiting in limbo. Thats why i was hesistant to send it back in in the first place because i was afraid this would happen. This is my main home defense weapon and i did not want to be w/o it for that long. The gun is not reliable in its current condition and i dnt feel confident in relying on it as my goto hime defense gun as I dnt know when it will or will not fire or jam etc. Hopefully mossberg can find and fix my issue whenever they they decide to start looking at it that is.

    Has anyone else shipped their gun back to mossberg to fix and what was your exeprience?? This is unacceptable to me. They received my gun a month ago and still have not even begun looking at it.

    Oh yeah BTW yes i do shoot it more from center mass on my pectoral as suggested and i am a big guy more or less. The LOP does feel different and i may have to change my technique on trigger pull and rapid fire. Is there a way to get the LOP closer to what it was with the stock?? Adding longer shock absorber shoulder pad maybe??

  6. Rob72

    Rob72 .270 WIN

    My second SPX had some troubles with the shell latch. I sent it in, they replaced the latch & spring and called it good. At the time, spares weren't to be found. Basically, they can't tell a functional shell latch from a door latch. I ended up doing some polishing & shortening and resolved the issue.

    The 930 system is a mix of Benelli & Weatherby parts, by & large. They produced the cheapest autoloader they could. It isn't bad, and certainly there are thousands out there with no issues, but when they crop up, most people don't know how to fix them- including Mossberg, unfortunately.

    Not trying to be discouraging. I suspect they'll give you a new shell latch too, probably a magtube spring & maybe a follower. If the problem is tolerance stacking, i.e., your gun had several parts at the outer edge of spec, then minimal wear could cause this, in which case new parts will fix you up.

    If it doesn't, a longer mag spring, new follower & polishing the inside of your tube and where the extension threads on probably will.

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