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Mossberg Tactical .22 Autoloader Reviews...

Discussion in 'Mossberg 715T Tactical .22 Autoloader' started by DHonovich, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. MikeD

    MikeD I'm Your Huckleberry Staff Member Global Moderator "Philanthropist"

    Re: Mossberg tactical .22 vs ruger 10/22

    The Ruger 10/22 is probably one of the most versatile .22 platforms out there if you like to tweek and modify your gun. There is a plethora of aftermarket parts for it.

    If you are particilarly fond of the AR platform then the mossberg will fit the bill.

    It comes down to personal preference more than anything else.
  2. snagglepuss

    snagglepuss .410

    Re: Mossberg tactical .22 vs ruger 10/22

    Depends what you want out of your gun. If you're looking for a dependable semi-auto that has reasonable accuracy either one will fit the bill.
    If you want the AR style the Mossberg is the way to go.
    There are a few QC issues that have cropped up with some Mossbergs, but most find them to be very reliable...as of this past weekend I now have over 1500 rounds through mine without any kind of a failure.
    But...if you're looking for something to mod and make more accurate, the 10-22 is the way to go.
    But even then I would hesitate...as a friend of mine (who has a couple of tricked 10-22's) says...."its a $200 gun that you can spend $1000 on so it shoots like a good $500 gun"
    That kinda says it all in my opinion.
  3. speedyquad

    speedyquad .270 WIN

    Re: Mossberg tactical .22 vs ruger 10/22

    that is where i am getting with mine. it was shipped back to mossberg today for the 2nd time since i bought it new in the first week of september. i think my only recourse is going to be taking a major loss and trading it in at a dealer.
  4. oli700

    oli700 12g Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Re: Mossberg tactical .22 vs ruger 10/22

    If it has been repaired by the factory and has no current problems, don’t shoot it, include the information in your description and sell it with a clear conscious.

    You’ll take enough of a loss that it would be better for you to save up the 75 bucks a dealer would give you on a trade, keep your current 22 and sell it to someone for a good deal. You would get more money and they would get a good deal so win/win
  5. Bbqznbeer

    Bbqznbeer .410

    Re: Mossberg tactical .22 vs ruger 10/22

    I really feel for those that has probs with thier Mossy tact's , but I'm in that catagory that has zero probs and consider both of my tacts to have been the best father/son investments yet.

    Yeah , there's alot more of accessories and makeovers that can be done with the Ruger , including match triggers and barrels and the SR22er's are able to tweek thier rifles for better accuracy ....only to match the Mossy's out of the box. ;)

    Looks are a factor too.
    The Mossy tacts are much better looking than the SR22 and can be fitted with just as many attachments.
    ....there's just something about a 1022 witha 30rd mag that reminds me of my Grandads donkey in the springtime...

  6. HK..

    HK.. Copper BB

    Re: Mossberg tactical .22 vs ruger 10/22

    I'm a 10/22 fan threw and threw. I've changed mine so many time I can't remember. I believe there's nothing you can't do to a 10/22. I can't say anything about the moss/22 as I have not owned one yet I can only speak for the 10/22. And to me they are the perfect 22 rifle out there.

    Here's a pic of mine a couple months ago need to update changed a few things.

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  7. rroche10

    rroche10 Copper BB

    Re: First trip to the range with my 715; highs, lows, and ja

    Fired my 715T flat top for the first time today and have to say I was pretty disappointed. Started with federal bulk and was only able to get one round through before the first stovepipe occurred. Cleared it and got another round through and stovepipe again. This happened probably 15 times with the first mag (would of been more but I lost a couple rounds when clearing). I then tried a different magazine loaded with federal as well...it did no better. I then decided to go buy some different ammo so I went to the counter and bought some CCI Minimags. I was thinking surely these would cycle but they did just the same as the federal. Frustrated as hell I packed up and went to look at some different ammo. I decided to try Aguila Sniper Subsonic. I have had luck with these in the past. I went back and loaded up a mag and stovepipe after the 2nd round. Cleared it and was able to get through the rest of the mag without issues. Loaded up another mag about half way and it went through all of them without a hiccup. I am not sure what the issue is but I plan on taking this thing home and give it another good cleaning and giving her another shot. Hopefully she has worked out all the kinks.
  8. bubbakaloosh

    bubbakaloosh .410

    I bought this guy because I've always wanted a .22 to add to the collection...it's cheap to shoot and you can make it look cool. I laugh at the people who laugh at .22...when their just as deadly as any other gun out there. First time I shot it...I had only 2 stovepipes happen and then it stopped. Still have to work the gun in some more but its a pretty accurate gun once you get used to it.
  9. Spectre11

    Spectre11 Copper BB

    This is fun to shoot, but that's about it. Maintenance is an absolute horror and forget about parts or upgrades to this thing. In hindsight, should have just bought the Ruger SR-22 like I was going to.
  10. DHonovich

    DHonovich Founder Staff Member Administrator Sponsor "Philanthropist"

    What issues have you had when it comes to maintenance with your tactical .22?
  11. Spectre11

    Spectre11 Copper BB

    1. The big one, the numerous screws to disassemble shell for cleaning. After about 3 disassemblies, the screw heads are starting to wear( with proper screwdriver and torque mind you).
    2. Screw for right side mag release lever just falls off( that's been fixed by aftermarket screw of proper length).
    3. After about 100 rounds, components have to be cleaned. I've seen several reviews of owners that are continuing to shoot this gun without cleaning. Really??

    I spend more time in tear down of this 22 than I do in tear down, cleaning, reassembly, and functional check of my AK. I probably wouldn't complain if I could get a upgrade stock like you can for the Ruger 10/22 ( minus all the damn screws)!
  12. Crrobb

    Crrobb Copper BB

    i decided to go with the mossberg ar .22 because i wanted the look and the feel of an AR but without the pricetag. i went ahead and ordered it through my FFL (the one with the handle and 25rd mag). it should get here next week. i'm more than excited for it to get here so i can try it out on these alaskan hares (kodiak). but the more reveiws i read i'm getting more and more skeptical. first thing im planning on doing is takin it down as far as i can and cleaning the ba geezes out of it to get all the factory grease out of it then work the magazine in for about week straight before i actually try it out. im planning on going with the CCI loads.

    Anyone else have any pointers/tips?

    i'm waiting to get all the add ons until i know i got a winner here.
  13. Bbqznbeer

    Bbqznbeer .410

    Your on the right track Crrobb.
    You going to see bad reviews on SR22's , VTR's as well . The ICCS .22 was a $600 mess of probs. , so don't get put off by what you hear of yet.

    I have both models of the Mossy tactical's ( 1st model carry handle and the newer flat-top ) and the only thing I wasn't too keen on are the sights , but , I put red dots on them anyway.
    Otherwise I've had no issues with either of them , or four of the 25rd mags I have - 3 of which are over-the-counter purchases.
    Did I get lucky with my purchases ? , I don't know ...it's just that luck isn't something that comes my way that often :lol:
    I did a search on the Alaskan hare ...Looks to be a 10lb rabbit , interesting
  14. Crrobb

    Crrobb Copper BB

    since i dont have to worry about much of a recoil i'm going with a red dot that i found for about 50$, i saw that someone used airsoft attachments for it and it came out ok?

    i've been looking around for more magazines for it, any aftermarket ones that stand out?

    the hares here are like cats, quite a bit faster but if you can bag 2-3 you can feed a family of 4 with leftovers.
  15. Crrobb

    Crrobb Copper BB

    i finally received the Mossber.22 ar the other day, at first glance i was kinda set back. the entire thing was one plastic piece. but i knew i was buying a cheaper gun to begin with so i wasn't dissapointed. last night i went through and cleaned all the factory grease out. that was when i began to get kinda down, cleaning this item is a chore and it took me about 7-10 screws and 2 pins before i even got down far enough to do any work. all the guts are just inside the plastic AR casing.

    after about 1 1/2 hours and a 2 youtube videos i finally had this thing all cleaned out and reassembled.

    for the rest of the night i moved on to the 25rd magazine it came with.

    i had previously bought CCI LR HP .22 ammo and was loading and unloading the magazine to help work in the spring until i can get it out to the field.

    i found that i was gettin jams/miss feeds pretty frequently just from the magazine. i'm gonna try and see if i can just fit a regular .22 magazine with the weapon instead of the mossberg one since the ar .22 magazines are extremely rare. more to update once i get this thing outside
  16. CliffD

    CliffD .410

    This morning, I took the magazine apart and gave it a quick "work over". First I compressed the springs a few times. Next, I noticed there were several areas of "flashing" and sharp corners on the plastic followers. An x-acto knife took care of those issues. I then lightly polished the guide surfaces of the mag with some steel wool. I finally gave it a light drop of oil and put it back together.

    Before all this, I noticed when I tried to load it, the upper spring was the first to compress. I could only get about 10 rounds into it before I had to use the supplied tool. Now, the lower spring is the first to compress (which I think is how it should work to be honest) and I can get right at 20 rounds in without the tool.

    For now, I will simply use it as a 20-round mag. Everything seems to stiff when you jam it full with 25. Eventually, I'll take it back apart and polish it up some more, but I haven't even shot it yet lol. I'll wait to see how it does after a few rounds.
  17. burdicda

    burdicda Copper BB

    I have just purchased my Tac 22 and I am looking to mod the dickens out this baby...
    Will post anything I do, and like everyone else here would like to save myself some labor and
    wrong turns by listening and looking at others attempts and achievements.
    Got a sling, two 25Rd mags on order, and looking at a green laser/scope combo...let y'all know

  18. Rkillion

    Rkillion .410

    So I got mine yesterday, and found some ammo for it finally, Remington GB HV, hopefully it will cycle ok, it's all that is in the tri state area of Arkansas Louisiana and Texas. I haven't had a chance to step off my porch yet to shoot it, but I have tooled around with the mag a few times. Here's what I got...

    First try, I got all 25 rouns loaded, with one issue around round twelve, I had to push a little bit harder to get it past the transition. Other than that, it was easy loading.

    I took the whole thing apart last night because I wanted a good understanding of the guts. And before I took it apart while Iwas going through the safety check I noticed it was very gritty cycling the action. I thought, hmmm maybe, I hope, it is just gritty from a test fire and they just slathered it up afterwards. Sure enough when I get it apart there is gunk all over the place and a couple of shards from casings I think... Nothing out of the ordinary from a qc standpoint. So I clean it up really good and put it together dry... Yes dry, wait for it... I use clp, only clp, I fell in love with it in the army and I'll never go back, I put it together dry because I find body oils from your fingers as it has sweat in it, and I was sweating my butt off last night, they tend to break down clp and make it gritty. So I put it together dry and then lube it up and I get better results. So that's what I did, put the bolt together then dropped in clp, then I put the trigger assembly back on the receiver, then put the whole thing back together. Then a drop or two here and there on the bolt and the action slid very smoothly. I didn't get thatkind of smooth action from my issue M-4. Let's see how it does with some rounds through it... Hopefully the ammo won't cause the problems.

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Makes sense to me.

    I try to run my .22s as dry as possible. Those pesky little rounds are dirty as hell and all excess oil's gonna do is gunk up the action even faster. Thanks for the post and let us know how she runs for ya once you've had a chance to send a few...
  20. Rkillion

    Rkillion .410

    Hopefully I can send em tomorrow, I can shoot right outside my house, I live in the middle of nowhere, and I have a few acres. But I have been home with the kids by myself for most of the drag. It's nice though, my wife finally got to get out and hang out with a friend.

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