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Mossberg Tactical .22 Disassembly/Cleaning

Discussion in 'Mossberg 715T Tactical .22 Autoloader' started by DHonovich, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. colts78

    colts78 .22LR

    Re: push pins???

    If they can't see the dials on the sights, they probably shoudn't be shootin'!! :)
  2. PaHunt10

    PaHunt10 Copper BB

    Re: Mossberg Tactical .22 Autoloader Disassembly

    I just picked up a new realtree camo, flat-top 715t. I took off the shell to clean out the hardware. Had no issues with that, but Im having a heck of a time trying to remove the two pins on the side of the receiver. Any tips? I tried pushing it out with a couple different tool and then tried tapping w a hammer. No luck!

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Re: Mossberg Tactical .22 Autoloader Disassembly

    Welcome aboard Sir!

    Here's a recent thread on the subject...

    push pins???

    Seems the best solution is an appropriately sized punch and the proper application of force...
  4. CA4Shootin'

    CA4Shootin' Copper BB

    Re: Mossberg Tactical .22 Autoloader Disassembly

    Just took apart my son's new rifle and the pins were definitely a bit sticky. The pins are splined on the left side, so remove them by punching them out from the right side of the rifle.

    Hope this helps.

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Re: Mossberg Tactical .22 Autoloader Disassembly

    Thanks for the info...
  6. cristu4lee

    cristu4lee Copper BB

    I'm a new owner of a 715T. Love the gun but I was a little too lazy as far as cleaning goes. I've put about 500-6-- rounds through it and noticed alot of dust/grime in the bolt. I've watched the video from youtube but mine doesn't have a screw on the rear grip. I've removed all the screws but the housing is refusing to come apart (mostly where the barrel meets the receiver) Am I doing something wrong here? I dont want to just tug at it and break it but even when I do it's not wanting to budge? Any help would be much appreciated!
  7. Rkillion

    Rkillion .410

    Check every hole on the rifle for screws. It is likely you missed one. And you can't find the bolt in the grip until you get the right side of the stock off. Just recheck all the screw holes, and make sure your scope and any other sights or foregrips are off, they will hold the shell together.
  8. BowerR64

    BowerR64 .270 WIN

    i like to turn the screws till i feel a little click where the last thread raises then drops.

    Dont forget the little screw in the mag release. That screw must come out to crack the case open.

    Mine has 6 screws in the stock/front sight. Then it has 5 regular size screws in the receiver, 1 little one on the mag release and the big one on the stock.

    So 13 total screws. Once the case and front foregrip rail assembly is off and the stock there are 2 allen head screws holding the plinkster body to the left side case.

    From there you have to pound out the pins that hold the trigger assembly in. I pull the charge handle back and lock it back but the trigger assembly doesnt seem to come out till you move the charge handle ALL the way back.

    Becareful of the buffer pad. Mine fell out and it wasnt mentioned on any of the youtube videos i watched. Mine is a black plastic block it sits near the back and when you use HV ammo its there to help cushion the slap of the slide. I used one mag of CCI mini mags and mine is already a little dented up. Thats what its there for though.
  9. Gunowner99

    Gunowner99 .270 WIN

    Thanks for the videos.
  10. jacktruck

    jacktruck Copper BB

    I hate the dissasembly and reassembly on this rifgle so much... that I have quickly grown to hate the rifle! Why did they do this? Why would an mfg make something so rediculous to maintain. I can't tell if I'm working on my rifle, or building a level 12 model stock car. Makes me not want to buy anything mossberg ever again!
  11. wvtrumpet

    wvtrumpet .22LR

    Hi guys,

    Total newbie here. I want to introduce myself and tell you how glad I am to find this forum. I just picked up the 715t and have ran about a hundred or so rounds through. Really like the rifle. Both times that I have cleaned it, I just put some gun cleaner in the barrel and breach and than ran a rifle snake through. After that I ran a few patches until they came up clean, oiled up the gun and she worked fine. My question is this: Is it truly necessary to take the entire gun apart to clean it? Just want to get your opinions. Thank you, Neil
  12. Springbok

    Springbok .22LR

    Any advice for removing the front sling ring from a flat top model? It has the flash surpressor which gets it the way.
  13. Springbok

    Springbok .22LR

    As a former army guy, I always want some semblance of a cleaning kit with me. I find that a bore snake works well with the 715T. I stuff mine in the tube of the collapsible butt stock, and cover the butt with a rubber butt pad (~$10 on eBay).

    Just an idea that I thought I'd share.
  14. wavelengthsf

    wavelengthsf Copper BB

    How often do you guys clean your 715Ts?

    I just got one and did its initial cleaning and am taking it to the range today. I have a Sig Mosquito that needs to be cleaned all the time - is the the same with 715T? Clean it after every range outing?

  15. BowerR64

    BowerR64 .270 WIN

    Well here is something i ran into. The last time i went to my local range i had my 715 dialed. It was a tack driver i was putting 3" groups at 25 yards. I think i ran 100-150 rounds threw it.

    didnt clean it.

    Last weekend (4/6/2013) i took it to a range about an hour away. i couldnt hit a darn thing with it. I thought i had bumped the scope during the trip out there so i fought and fought with it all day put another 100-150 rounds threw it and gave up.

    I went to walmart and i bought one of those bore snake cleaning things and i ran it threw the bore 3 times. First i sprayed the cleaner down the barrel from the injection port down twards the muzzle. I pulled the snake from the chamber out the muzzle 3 times then i used a cleaning square till it was clean each pass.

    Took it to the range monday (4/8/2013) it was back to being a tack driver.

    Ive shot other .22s before and ive gone longer between cleanings without the accuracy loss as this gun. This gun IMO needs to be cleaned more often to keep its accuracy up. I would say every 100-200 rounds just clean the barrel. The internals like the hammer, the slide, the trigger mechanisim you can go longer but the bore snake is so simple and easy to do without the need to tear it apart i would HIGHLY sugest to atleast do that every trip.

    Now im not sure why this gun suffered from accuracy problems so quickly but i was worried i ruined the barrel or the muzzle crown some how.

    I wasnt a big believer in the bore snake till i bought one now i will recomend it to anyone now. I didnt realize it actually has a brass brush weaved inside it so it scrubs as well.
  16. old mossy

    old mossy Global Moderator Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    thank you BowerR64 good info.
  17. wavelengthsf

    wavelengthsf Copper BB

    Thanks for the cleaning suggestion! I bought a bore snake and ran it through 2-3 times. I also sprayed some Ballistol down the barrel and ran the snake few a couple times after that, and then ran a pad through.

    Hopefully this weekend the gun is as accurate as it was today, so much fun.
  18. vwfye

    vwfye .270 WIN

    I haven't cleaned my gun yet. Didn't clean or oil it before first fire either... I've decided to leave it gunky until it refuses to run and see what that point is. I've gone through almost 2/3 of the 4000 rounds i had. And... loading only 10 rounds at a time into a single magazine has been tedious. I'll report on where that failure to run turns out to be.
  19. snagglepuss

    snagglepuss .410

    With rimfires there definitely appear to be two schools of thought.
    1) clean your gun thoroughly (meaning teardown) after every range session.
    2) shoot the heck out of it till you notice accuracy issues or feed issues.
    I'm kinda lazy at heart so I go with #2.
    My 715T has about 5000 rounds through it now. It got a complete teardown when I got it home from the store to remove any of the packing grease.
    After every shooting session I run a boresnake through it and spray some Hoppes cleaner/lube into the action.
    Last Sunday I put 300 rounds through it in less than an hour and didn't have one failure of any kind.

    Sorta, along the same lines (IMO).
    About 20 years ago Car & Driver did a long term (5 year) test of two identical cars...one of which was given very regular full maintenance...the other got regular oil changes but otherwise only fixed when something broke.
    After the 5 years they did a teardown of the engine and transmission and they both showed pretty much the same wear.
    The car that was only fixed when it broke was in the shop less than the car with all the regular maintenance...and the maintenance costs were 1/3 of the car that was so well cared for.

    I'm a huge fan of not abusing equipment/tools...but too many people (again, IMO) too many people go overboard.
    Just my two cents.
  20. BowerR64

    BowerR64 .270 WIN

    Re: Mossberg Tactical .22 Autoloader Disassembly

    Yes i notice this, i didnt know and i must of got lucky the first time i took mine apart. Mine fit tight when they are flush but when you tap a few times to get past that spline they almost just drop out.

    What i would sugest is tap them on both sides till you find out wich side the splines are on. Mine are on the side with the charge handle so when i tear it apart i put the receiver up on a roll of ducktape with the charge handle down and tap them out that way.

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