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Mossberg's MVP LC safety trigger question

Discussion in 'Firearm Maintenance, Safety And Troubleshooting' started by bikeman, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. bikeman

    bikeman Copper BB

    I purchased a new-in-box Mossberg MVP LC a couple months ago and I'm having issues with their Patented Lightning Bolt Action (LBA) Trigger System. I understand it's meant to be a safety feature that requires a trigger safety it be depressed before the actual trigger can be pulled to fire the rifle. If I hold my finger towards the far end of the trigger system I can feel (and hear a slight click) what I suppose is the LBA safety feature being released so the trigger can be pulled to fire the rifle, only the trigger will not move rearward and appears to lock up. At that point I have to raise the bolt arm and reset the trigger system in hopes it will function properly the second time. Sometimes that work but not always. I've noticed that if i place my trigger finger at the top of the trigger assembly the LBA seems to function much more consistently. Holding my finger that high on the trigger is unnatural and feels out of place and there is not much movement required to release the safety system and actually fie the rifle. I much prefer holding my finger lower on the trigger blade so when I hear and feel the LBA safety being released there is adequate time to fine tune the aim which result in a much improved accurate shot (that is if and when the trigger actually releases). Is there a fix for this issue or am I just going to have to train myself to engage the trigger in an unnatural position? Any suggestions or insight as what I'm doing wrong? I find myself jerking off-target when I engage the trigger at the lower more natural position not knowing if the rifle will fire or not. Is anyone else having LBA adjustable trigger system problems?
  2. Daryll

    Daryll .270 WIN Supporter

    I think what you're doing is pulling the trigger, but not the trigger safety... so its going to some sort of "half-cock" position, that you can only reset by lifting the bolt.

    I had this when I let a friend use my MVP LC, hes inexperienced and struggled to get a proper grip. He had a "misfire" with the rifle, I unloaded it, no marks on the primer.
    He tried again and I watched closer this time.. another misfire, but I noticed the end of the firing pin move inwards a little bit.
    We reset, and I suggested he moved his finger up the trigger... bang..

    I experimented when I got home, and yes, pressing the tip of the trigger without depressing teh safety trigger will cause that.


  3. Cpt. Smash

    Cpt. Smash Copper BB

    I have been frustrated to no end with my MVP LC purchase. I keep thinking my firing pin spring in weak because I can produce 3 duds out of 10 rounds...sometimes more. The primers have all been struck. I have shot 5.56 ammo only from Hornady to Independence to American Eagle green tips. Before I send it inn under warranty, the dealer suggested I try PPU .223 as the MVP's have such a light strike...at least that's what the dealer told me today. Any thoughts? This gun is not inexpensive and I would like to go bang each time I pull the trigger :)

    I appreciate Daryll's response and it makes sense...I'm just mystified by seeing each dud round's primer have that tell tale indent and still have the bullet in the casing!
  4. bikeman

    bikeman Copper BB

    Daryll, thanks for your insight although your comments are partially correct. If I place the pad of my trigger finger up at the very top of the trigger it will always release the LBA safety and the gun will go bang. I've not had the problems Cpt. Smash has experienced with primer strikes but no bang. My gun is a .308 version so I'm guessing the firing pin is different. I went to the range to practice my trigger placement and the same issue is happening. I was very careful to make sure the pad of my trigger finger was covering the blade of the LBA when I moved my finger down the trigger. Again, when my finger is down on the "natural" position if the trigger I hear the LBA shear break just like hear it when my finger is up high on the trigger but the main trigger locks up after the firing pin housing moves inward about 1/8 of an inch. I contacted Savage and they indicated that they have had a number of complaints about the same issue I'm having but their reply was "This is a common complaint in regards to the LBA trigger however this is within normal operating function of the trigger itself. With the trigger being adjustable and having the blade, the blade and the trigger itself should be pulled in tandem for proper trigger function. This is uncomfortable for some but it is normal operating function of this trigger assembly". I guess "in tandem" they mean at exactly the same time. Time will tell if I ever get use to having my finger that high up on the trigger. I mentioned that I have at least 5 other firearms with similar safety mechanisms and none of the others operate like their system works. Other than their "wonky" trigger this is a very nice and accurate rifle.

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