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Moving target

Discussion in 'Mossberg 590 Shockwave' started by sdakota, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. sdakota

    sdakota Copper BB

    Anyone have experience hitting a moving target with a SW?
    Perhaps one could find a range with skeet shooting.
  2. sixbennetts

    sixbennetts .410

    Start with trap, (clay flies directly away from you). Then work your way up to skeet, (clays come across in front of you from both sides). Generally, trap is easier to learn first.

    Leading a moving target is a funny thing. You'll have an AH-HA moment where you start hitting.

    My dad taught me with a really long rope hung from a tall tree. Tied a milk jug full of water to the end. By the time I was out of bee-bees, the jug was empty from the holes.

    Each new gun/load combo has taken a few shots before I started hitting.

    Practice, practice, practice.
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  3. Ernst

    Ernst .270 WIN

    Here's an example.

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  4. Sniffler

    Sniffler .410


    Start @ 2:24

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