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My 590 Adventure

Discussion in 'Firearm Maintenance, Safety And Troubleshooting' started by Camel73, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Camel73

    Camel73 .22LR

    Hi all, question:
    Is the bolt lock supposed to move up and down freely?

    I rectified a cartridge stop issue, cleaned and lubed it and noticed while I was going over it how the bolt lock kind of sticks down in the bolt... not wanting to come back up on its own without the help from a finger push from below. Normal?
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  2. Camel73

    Camel73 .22LR

    Maybe I'm on to something here, maybe not but looks to me like the interrupter is too long, or too sharp possibly which seems to be pinching the shell in the mag tube.

    For years the family 590 had occasional shells drop out the bottom. Finally was able to get it to my bench and thought the problem might be the cartridge stop.

    After reading up on the interrupter I remembered how some of the shells were scuffed.

    In the one pic it looks like the cartridge stop might be holding the shell but I stuck my finger against it and that wasn't holding it.

    Racking the slide back out (supposedly chambering the shell) would jar it loose... and into the dirt it would go!
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  3. Camel73

    Camel73 .22LR

    Anyway, after the fix it cycles any type of shell like a champ. I helped smooth out the action a bit too.

    Serious difference. Thanks for the info you guys have here, even though Mossberg has a new interrupter and cartridge stop on the way. Spares I guess
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  4. Camel73

    Camel73 .22LR

    My FTF (fail to feed) fix was just to flatten a bit and smooth out the sharp edge of the interrupter where it was contacting the shell.

    If you make it too flat and far back it can catch the rim head-on... don't want that. Less is more applies here :)
    Top row is the original , bottom altered
  5. Camel73

    Camel73 .22LR

    Here's something I found while going over the bolt.

    At first it was only a small indentation in the channel where the ejector rides in the bolt. A little poking around through a thin slice of metal revealed the hole for the extractor retaining pin.

    So I measured the pin lengths and it is purposely shorter.

    No worries, all I did was file the edges down a bit so the ejector's ride is a bit smoother across it. During shooting it's not noticeable and sings right across.

    I was just happy to get that little door out, instead of it happening naturally, not knowing where it might end up in there.
  6. Camel73

    Camel73 .22LR

    What else..
    Cleaned up the extractor grooves in the barrel, smoothed the cartridge stop tab and buffed its friend the slide action rail tab, buffed the bolt lock and took down a burr where it slides into it's hole in the barrel..

    I believe I answered my original question about the bolt lock. A catch on top of the bolt slide fits into the bottom of the bolt lock. This catch forces the bolt back and forth and also the bolt lock in and out of position(really its up and down) by moving the action slide, which is interlocked by the cutouts in the bolt slide.

    I figure as long as it's moving relatively free, its good.

    Bolt locked forward? Well it's probably locked into its barrel hole by way of the bolt lock. So to get it out I pull back on the bolt slide.

    Found a good pic of the offending burr on the interupter tip.

    I had fun doing this. Now I can feel better about it being the camp gun in bear country :)

    Just need to get a light on it now.. and maybe a shorter stock. One day.
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    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Sorry I'm late to the party here, but it looks like you got it all sorted out. Your issues here are very common with new Mossbergs and your solutions are just what was needed. Nicely done...
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  8. Rossignol

    Rossignol The Original Sheriff Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator Sponsor

    Nicely done putting all this together.
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  9. Red October

    Red October Copper BB

    "Your issues here are very common with new Mossbergs and your solutions are just what was needed."

    Has Mossberg's QC gone down? Why is this tolerated? The solution seems to be: BUY ANOTHER COMPANIES GUN.

    My 590 A1 Mariner is now sitting in Texas, action locks up after shot, various ammo and cleanings.
    THIS is the shotgun passing the rigorous 3000 round "military" test?

    Don't want to say to much as I am pretty bummed out.
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  10. Camel73

    Camel73 .22LR

    Well, I'd have to say... most companies have their gremlins.

    I just enjoy nerding out on my guns (when I have the time),thought I'dshare how I dealt with things.
    It's cool getting to know the internals.

    For me, Mossberg has had good support and, I still like their stuff lol

    Edit If I remember correctly this 590 in particular was a problem child from its inception thatnever made it back to the factory for repair. I believe it sat in storage for quite a while before our family got it. More than likely to be repaired, but forgotten.
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  11. Oddcaliber

    Oddcaliber .22LR

    This is why I buy used, there already broke in!
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