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My Mossberg MVP Thunder Ranch Edition

Discussion in 'Photo And Video Gallery' started by RANGE MASTER, Apr 20, 2017.



    This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. USMC

    This is my first Mossberg firearm. It is the MVP Patrol Thunder Ranch Edition in .308. I wanted a modern multi-purpose "Scout Rifle". The "do it all" rifle idea appealed greatly to me; Range, Hunting, & Home Protection. I live remotely on 10 acres in the Ozark Mountains and have varmints and predators to keep in check as well as my own home shooting range. After looking through the options available from every supplier, the Mossberg MVP Thunder Ranch .308 was the clear winner in price and performance. Gallery of Guns was running them on special for $536 WHAAAAT!!!....ADD TO CART. Side note, Gallery of Guns is a great company. The Thunder Ranch has some cool unique options like the OD green synthetic stock with black TR inlay and turned brass bead front sight (classic and classy). I am also OD green crazy. It was the rifle type I wanted, in the caliber I wanted, with all the options I was looking for.
    If you have never looked at Thunder Ranch training, check it out, its a very cool set of programs. Way to expensive for me, but cool none the less.I trust Clint Smith's opinion on what a proper tactical rifle should be. Dude is very high on the list of people to consult on using a weapon effectively. Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch training facility specifically selected this setup for fast rifle deployment in tactical situations which require both short and long range target acquisition, high capacity, as well as the ability to pick up fast and re-set your shooting position on difficult terrain. All critical in any situation that bullets coming from the other direction. The video linked below my images is of this rife in 5.56 caliber being run on the Thunder Ranch Terrain rifle course instructed by Clint.

    Hope everyone enjoys the pictures, little bonus video in there for you at the end. My MVP vs Gallon of Zombie Blood at 100 yards. Cheers!!

    • Mossberg MVP Long Range Model Over Sized Fluted Bolt (This came with my rifle, should not have, should have the standard MVP bolt. Not sure if its a Gallery of guns thing, or if I just lucked out big time, but I was trying to buy the LR bolt from Mossberg just to make that happen :D)
    • UTG 3-9 x 32 Compact CQB Bug Buster Scope (RANGE MASTER RECOMMENDED)
    • UTG 2" Removable Sun Shade - (Included with Bug Buster)
    • UTG PRO 6 Bolt Quick Release High Recoil (Low Height) Rings
    • Tromix Trigger Guard (As long as you drill out the front bolt hole slightly it fits perfectly on the .308) (RANGE MASTER RECOMMENDED)
    • Dillen Custom Muzzle Brake - (Made locally, specifically for this rifle, if interested I can get more made) (RANGE MASTER RECOMMENDED)
    • VooDoo Tactical Check Riser and 7 Round Ammo Carrier - (Does not fit like this, has to be modified slightly to appear this way on the rifle)
    • Allen Cyote +3 Sling - (This is getting changed soon, too heavy, too short)

    DSCN6904.jpg DSCN6889.jpg DSCN6903.jpg DSCN6865.jpg DSCN6884.jpg DSCN6878.jpg DSCN6882.jpg DSCN6869.jpg DSCN6854.jpg DSCN6859.jpg

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    Some extra pics.

    DSCN6853.jpg DSCN6855.jpg DSCN6866.jpg DSCN6876.jpg DSCN6880.jpg DSCN6881.jpg DSCN6896.jpg DSCN6902.jpg DSCN6907.jpg DSCN6908.jpg
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    Finally, what it did at the range 2 days ago. Had it on sand bags and a bench but I am still very impressed with the grouping, especially in the heaver weight rounds. Finding it likes 150 - 180 grain pills best. This is the same round that vaporizes the milk jug.

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  4. John A.

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    Those brake ports are way too clean in those pictures. They need to be a lot more white inside of there ;)

    But I admit, a 3 hole group touching at 100 yards, it's definitely a shooter.
  5. CaddmannQ

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    That's some really nice shooting Range Master.
  6. GT_80

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    That is one handsome rifle!

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