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My MVP Patrols

Discussion in 'Mossberg MVP Bolt Action' started by Tranteruk, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Tranteruk

    Tranteruk .410 Supporter

    I have two MVP Patrols, one in 5.56 and the other in 7.62. The set up is fairly standard, both sporting 1-6 scopes and the 5.56 with a Tromix ally mag well. Both shoot fairly well and manage both Magpul PMags G3, Mil surp steel and even a couple of steel H&K 20rd I found. I am especially fond of the 7.62, which shoots well and is very comfortable.

    One of the pros is the ability to handle GI mags, which most of us have banging about. Thing is to manage this Mossberg came up with an efficient but vulnerable mechanism. A long L shape unit, which pivots on a pin. Its clear the unit would be far more efficient, easier to press and less vulnerable if shorter. I cant help but wonder if Mossberg considered coming through the side of the gun, with a button affair. Like the M4? The current arrangement means a hard press as you lever the movement, short against long and resisted. A short see saw lever in the side would be worth looking at. I have even considered making one.

    Any engineers have any thoughts?

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