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New 930 SPX owner - first steps?

Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by burkeman, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. burkeman

    burkeman Copper BB

    Hello from a new member. I just sold my 590 and bought a new 930 (black w/pistol grip). I've looked over this website and there's lots of good information, but I'd like to ask a question from a slightly different direction. What actions, if any, do you recommend before my first range session? I plan on doing a field strip and clean/lube and probably hone the chamber a little. Is there anything else I should do other than put a few hundred rounds through it (soften any edges, etc.)? I have average skills and tools. Will appreciate responses and I look forward to learning from you folks.

    DEAN BUFFINGTON .410 Supporter

    Congratulations on your new 930 And welcome to the forum. It is a great gun & this forum will be a big help to you. I'am also new & had a few questions myself & everyone was very gracious. Strip & clean & look for things as you go that might cause a problem & if all is well Shoot it & good luck . When I cleaned mine their were quite a few shavings in it. Other than that it was perfect.
  3. Green Sub

    Green Sub .410

    Start with 3 Dram equivalent or heavier loads.

    I would disregard any malfunctions that happen in the first 50 rounds as break in.

    Have a blast!


    Walmart bulk Federal Field & Target 100 3 Dram 7.5 shells my not function as well as Federal "Top Gun" 3 Dram 7.5 shells. I get the "Top Gun" flavor from Dick's. Just a tad more than the Walmart flavor.

    Cowboy Action Shooters have a ton of bad things to say about the latest Walmart version, me included. The empties stick in the chamber of doubles ALL the time.
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  4. burkeman

    burkeman Copper BB

    Thank you both. Good advice.
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  5. Whitey

    Whitey .270 WIN

    As you said field strip, thoroughly clean, etc. only lube accordingly. I use Hornady One Shot cleaner and lube. Have over 1500 rounds through mine with ZERO issues.

    My first range day was a case, yup 250 rounds, of Federal 3” mag BB.
    Yup, my shoulder was completely toast after that.
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  6. Lipervitch

    Lipervitch Copper BB

    When I first got my 930 I also took apart and cleaned the magazine tube as well as the recoil spring in the stock. It works great with Federal top gun target loads but doesn’t like Challengers. (Not sure if they are available in the U.S.). Canadian made.

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