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New 930 SPX owner - next step: forend Elite Bobcat or Aimpro?

Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by burkeman, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. burkeman

    burkeman Copper BB

    Loving the new SPX but don't care much for the forend. Ideally, Hogue would offer something with a little more heft and be rubberized. I don't really need rail space (probably a light and possibly an angled grip), but I'm thinking about switching out the flimsy OEM forend. After a lot of review, including this forum, it looks like my only real choices are the Elite Tactical Bobcat 930 and the Aimpro Tactical. Of these two, I'd appreciate any hands-on experience you folks have had with both of them. My main interests are (1) more "substantive" than the OEM; (2) as "small in the hand" as possible; and (3) a sturdy fit. The Bobcat looks to be more streamlined than the Aimpro and appears to satisfy criteria (2) better, but than may be due to the more streamlined look. If both of them are judged to be bigger in circumference than the OEM, I might just stick with the original. I have average-sized hands but prefer a smallish grip.

    I'll greatly appreciate any practical experience you have, including references to any other forend that might be out there. Thanks.

    DEAN BUFFINGTON .410 Supporter

    I also thought I wanted these items but after a survey I stayed with the stock forearm. You will be adding almost a pound with the Bobcat system ( looks good ) but it is heavy. OR3GUN makes a spacer to tighten up the gap on your forearm. I have one & it works great. Welcome to the forums & good luck with your quest
  3. Pawpaw

    Pawpaw .30-06 Supporter

    The Bobcat is most definitely bigger around than the stock forearm.
  4. Whitey

    Whitey .270 WIN

    I have the Aimpro. I went with this because my stock forend cracked. I do only shoot slugs and high brass loads and shoot a lot of them. It is lighter than the bobcat. But it is wider/bigger than stock. I’m happy with it. Makes for a solid weapon.

    DEAN BUFFINGTON .410 Supporter

    If mine ever cracked I would probably do the same thing. I saw the Aimpro also while I was looking & it appears to be a solid looking part. That is the first I heard of the stock forends cracking & good to know. Thanks

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