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New Crimson Trace laser for shockwave

Discussion in 'Mossberg 590 Shockwave' started by nippr, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. nippr

    nippr Copper BB

  2. pepi

    pepi .410

    I knew it wouldn't be long. Not sure if I like the size of the design though?
  3. Ricrock

    Ricrock Copper BB

    Why won't this sight fit the 20 Gauge? It looks like it doesn't wrap around the entire receiver so receiver width doesn't seem to me to be an issue? I duno tho.
  4. Tomac

    Tomac .410

    I ordered one for testing (green laser), I'll post a range report w/pics once it arrives and I've had a chance to try it out.
  5. Joe Gilbert

    Joe Gilbert .22LR


    Please do. I am totally interested in this one!

  6. Tomac

    Tomac .410

    While I can see possible uses for a laser, I've never been a fan and have never used them before.
    My range-toy Shockwaves have been promoted to bedroom defense (far more effective than any handgun and more maneuverable in close quarters than a longarm) but any kind of aiming is crude at best.
    I'd considered an RMR but that's expensive and requires careful eye alignment to utilize properly. Then I saw the new Crimson Trace Laser Saddle and became intrigued w/my biggest concern being will it still fit properly w/my GG&G sidesaddle.
    Always willing to be the guinea pig for something new (a rather expensive hobby, btw), I was fortunate enough to find a couple of the greens at a good price, they arrived yesterday.
    The Laser Saddle is very light and surprisingly streamlined. Control buttons are well-located for righties/lefties. The master on-off, though small, is easily manipulated w/my trigger finger.
    Installation was fast and very easy, all necessary tools included except the hex wrench needed to remove the trigger group pin for my GG&G. I used blue Loctite on all the bolts. My GG&G was no problem.
    The red version uses CR2032's and the green CR2016's due to the green's higher power requirements (the Laser Saddle qualifies for CTC's 'batteries forever'). Battery installation is easy but the retaining bolt is *very* small and easy to lose (probably my only quibble about the Laser Saddle).
    There are 3 laser activation pads and IMHO they strike the right balance between too hard to activate and too easy to activate. The master on/off prevents battery drain when not in use.
    After installation, both Laser Saddles appeared to be good elevation-wise, but both needed windage adjustment to the right (easily accomplished w/the included micro hex wrench).
    The green laser is very bright indoors and in a lighted garage (where I adjusted the windage), I'm looking forward to trying it at the range in full daylight sometime soon.
    Using it inside the house, the laser makes it very easy to aim precisely w/o using the out-in-front-aim-down-the-bbl technique I've been using.
    The Shockwave's safety is still easily accessed, just not as easily as before (minor training issue, IMHO).
    I have to admit I'm impressed w/the Laser Saddle. While it's practicality on full-size shotguns might be debatable, I'm currently of the mind it's a good choice for the Shockwave, making hits possible from any number of positions.

    P1260002.JPG P1260004.JPG P1260005.JPG
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  7. jeff51

    jeff51 .22LR

    When did you order this and when did you get it? I have one on order since last month and have heard nothing from Crimson Trace. Thanks, Jeff
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  8. Tomac

    Tomac .410

    I ordered from Anacortes Gun Shop in WA state. They shipped a week after I ordered (on a Saturday) and I got it 3 days after that.

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